Making the Ultimate Martini with Flavor Extracts: 6 Tasty and Unique Ideas

Martini with flavor extracts

Martinis are classic options when it comes to relaxing evenings after work, dinner parties, and nights out on the town with a new date, but after a while, even a classic like a martini can start to feel a bit overdone.

There’s no reason to start looking for another go-to, though. With Dolce Foglia, you can spice up a classic martini with flavor extracts and reinvent the classic recipe.

If you’re looking to put a new spin on your favorite adult beverage, here are six tasty ways to do so with little more than a bit of our premium flavor extract.

1: Pistachio Martini

A pistachio martini might not sound like your typical cocktail mixup at first glance, but just like the little green nut’s jump into the world of ice cream, candy, soda, and practically everything else, the unique flavor of pistachios elevates your regular evening martini to a whole new level.

Even better, this is the perfect option for those of you who don’t like every drink to be extremely sweet. This pistachio martini packs flavor, but it doesn’t taste like you just sucked on a sugar cane.

It’s also extremely easy to make. Since you’re not messing with the sweetness, and you just want a bit of pistachio flavor, you don’t need to dilute your martini or add a bunch of random stuff. Simply add a drop or two of pistachio extract directly to the martini, and you’ll enjoy your favorite classic drink with subtle nutty notes at the end.

If you would like to add a bit of sweetness and crank up the pistachio flavor, feel free to add extract to match your tastes, and then top the martini with whipped cream and crushed pistachios.

2: Orange Creamsicle Martini

Since we went with a bold flavor that wasn’t too sweet at first, we’re going to go the exact opposite route for those of you with a sweet tooth, now. 

If you remember the orange creamsicles from your childhood, or maybe you still enjoy them today when you can find them, you know how deliciously sweet, creamy, and surprisingly fruity they are. This martini replicates that. Start with your standard vodka martini base, but drop in a few drops of orange creamsicle extract, mix it well, and rim the glass with whipped cream. Instead of the traditional olive, gently press an orange slice onto the glass rim. That will release some of the natural orange juice, and it will give you a vodka-enriched orange slice to enjoy at the end.

This take on the classic martini is incredibly sweet, and the whipped cream-rimmed glass ensures you get that creamy texture to pull all the flavors together with every sip

3: Watermelon Martini

This one is better with a bit of prep time despite only having two new ingredients. To start, add a watermelon chunk to your martini glass with or without the rind. If it does have a rind, you can use that to gently attach it to the rim of the glass without risking destroying the watermelon. Otherwise, it’s perfectly fine floating around like a traditional martini olive.

Then, shake your vodka martini base with a few drops of watermelon extract, and pour that over the watermelon.

This is a fruity martini that doesn’t complicate things, and it’s just the right level of sweetness with no added sugars. As a bonus, you get a vodka-loaded watermelon chunk at the end.

This is one option that is sort of a “middle of the road” martini. It’s not overly sweet, but it’s not as bold and impactful as our pistachio recommendation.

4: Cinnamon Honey Martini

If you’re looking for a martini that’s perfect for cozy evenings next to a fire after work rather than the energetic atmosphere of a dinner party, this is your best option.

You’ll need more than just a flavor extract for this, though.

To start, shake your martini base with a tablespoon of honey. This is necessary, or the honey won’t dissolve, and you’ll just get a glob of honey in your martini. It’s not appetizing, and it ruins the experience. So, make sure you shake it well.

Next, shake it again, but add two drops of cinnamon extract. It’s potent, and you’ll be using more cinnamon. So, don’t overdo it with the extract.

Dress your martini glass with a honey and cinnamon mixture around the rim and consider snapping a cinnamon stick in half to put into the martini itself. It adds a visual flair even if it’s just garnish.

Optionally, you can top this with whipped cream and use the cinnamon stick as a straw, but that will increase the sweetness level considerably, and the honey adds plenty of sweetness on its own. So, that depends on your personal tastes.

Martini with flavor extracts: Cinnamo

5: Banana Cream Martini

The banana cream martini is one that’s going to be a little more complicated and timeconsuming to set up, but it’s well worth it.

Make a martini per usual and flavor it with banana extract and one drop of vanilla extract. Slice a banana into 3 quarter-inch slices and wedge each slice onto the martini glass. Put a single dollop of whipped cream on each banana slice, and enjoy.

6: Strawberry Cheesecake Martini

Finally, we have another dual-extract mix-up to share with you. We’re going to bring the classic flavor mashup of rich and creamy cheesecake and tart, succulent, strawberries to your adult beverage hour. 

Mix a 2:1 ratio of cheesecake extract with strawberry extract into your martini base, and add it to your glass. Since strawberries are often the topper on a cheesecake, you want the strawberry flavor to be a background note while the richness of the cheesecake takes center stage.

You’re not done without dressing it up a bit, though.

Consider making a cloud of fine dust out of graham cracker crumbs, rim your glass with whipped cream, and sprinkle the crumbs along the top of the whipped cream. This pulls the whole thing together to create a genuine strawberry cheesecake experience in a simple martini.

Get Your Flavor Extracts from Dolce Folgia

If you want to try any of these unique martinis with flavor extracts, or you want premium flavoring extracts for other cocktails, baking, candy making, or more, Dolce Foglia provides the best flavor extracts available.

With a variety of top-quality extracts ranging from common to unique ones you’ll only find in our store, we’ve got your flavor needs covered.


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