About Us


In the heart of Los Angeles, California, unfolds the Dolce Foglia story—a testament to a family legacy rich in flavor and tradition. As a family-owned brand, Dolce Foglia represents more than just high-quality flavor extracts; it's a heritage of passion passed down through generations, embodying the purity of flavor that unites people.

Rooted in Los Angeles, our identity is shaped by the city’s vibrant cultural mosaic, allowing us to craft a diverse range of premium flavors that appeal to culinary enthusiasts everywhere.

Dolce Foglia is committed to evolution as much as tradition. We continuously refine our processes, select the finest ingredients, and work with experts to exceed expectations.

Our promise is straightforward: to offer unmatched quality and a legacy you can trust. We invite you to be a part of our ongoing story at Dolce Foglia, where every drop is a celebration of exceptional taste.