About Us

Innovation, Excellence & Creativity

Dolce Foglia was created with a clear initiative; to develop premium flavoring oils for the CBD industry through innovation, creativity and excellence.

Our dedication to product quality and customer care stems from our CEO and Co-Founder, Stephen Cobos own personal journey with CBD products. As a father of four and a lifelong business owner, he has always wanted to start a business with his sons and be able to have an effect on an emerging industry. His serendipitous discovery of flavoring infused in CBD products fell in life with his passion.

As he started struggling to sleep and experiencing body aches, Stephen began looking for a natural support for his body. His sons mentioned that he may be able to find relief in with CBD products, and they did but the caveat was the terrible tastes that these products would leave. Therein, the birth of an incredible journey. 

Leading the Industry

Two years later, Dolce Foglia has become a leader in the CBD industry, setting the standards for quality, taste and pricing.

Our product development team works endlessly developing new flavors, implementing them and sharing our knowledge with our clients and customers. They’ve utilized state-of-the-art ingredients sourced globally to create products that are distributed worldwide that has improved the experience of CBD products for tens of thousands of lives across the world.

Family Founded

The Cobos family have a rich history of entrepreneurship within their family. Values of excellence and creativity are the foundation of all that they do. With the family forces combined, they could disrupt an emerging industry with a higher standard.

Co-Founder, Ed Van Der Loo, Stephen’s family friend and expert flavorist, has over 45 years of experience with the world’s leading beverage, alcohol and pharmaceutical company, which has proved to be invaluable to Stephen’s mission. Stephens sons, Max, Joshua and Levi co-founded a pharmacy and sold it with 2 years of owning it, bringing a wealth of experience in the operations, regulations/compliance and customer service sector to the table. Wallah, a business was born.


 Stephen Cobos
 Chief Executive Officer


Joshua Cobos

Joshua Cobos
Chief Operations Officer
Levi Cobos
Chief Financial  Officer


Fabio Freiberg
Chief Accounts Officer
Max Cobos
Chief Social Media Manager
Ed Vanderloo
Chief Flavorist


Erik Hicks
     Erik Hicks      
 Chief Strategy Officer
Lori Trigg, Esq. 
Co-Chief Legal Officer 


R. Cory Vicars
R. Cory Vicars, Esq.
Co-Chief Legal Officer