3 Tasty Mango Flavoring Recipes: Bring the Tropics Home

Mango flavoring recipes

Almost everyone loves the sweet, fruity, flavor of tropical mangos, but getting that unique flavor without buying something that has been frozen for months and then thawed out for a store shelf is nearly impossible if you live anywhere that isn’t a tropical climate.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. In fact, we have three delicious mango flavoring recipes that will bring the flavor of the tropics to the comfort of your home whether you live in the frigid snow of Alaska or the crazy climate of the Midwest.

Here are 3 recipes you can make with mango extract.

1: Hard Candy

Hard candy is a great way to get the sweet, flavorful, burst of deliciousness from mangos without actually having the fruit around and without worrying about spoilage. As long as you store these properly, you can make up a big batch, and they’ll stay shelf-stable far longer than most other recipes. Of course, that’s if you can stave off eating them by the fistful.

To start, here are the ingredients you need.

  •       3 ¾ cups granulated white sugar
  •       ¼ cup powdered sugar
  •       1 1/3 cups Karo syrup
  •       Yellow food coloring
  •       1 cup water
  •       1 tablespoon Dolce Foglia mango flavor extract

To start, just mix your white sugar, Karo syrup, and water into a saucepan and boil the mixture until it reaches 290 degrees. You will need a candy thermometer to check the temperature because if you don’t reach 290 degrees, the candy won’t form. 

If you boil it too much, it will burn. The process takes about 45 minutes. Make sure you stir the mixture constantly at first until all the solid ingredients dissolve. You can stop once the mixture is uniform with no traces of visible sugar.

After you get the mixture to the right temperature, add the mango extract, and if you want, add a few drops of food coloring. The coloring is purely aesthetic.

Pour the mixture onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and let it cool. After an hour or two on your counter, the candy will look like a solid sheet of glass. Whack it with a rolling pin or kitchen mallet to shatter it, and you’ve got rock candy that tastes just like your favorite fruit.

The powdered sugar is also optional, and if you’d like the added sweetness, simply dust the top of the candy with it. You can also transfer the glass shards to a plastic bag, add the sugar, and shake it for a more thorough coating.

If you would prefer to have shaped candy, use silicone candy molds instead of a baking sheet.

To keep these candies for up to a year, you can place them in a gallon freezer bag, squeeze out the air, and store them in a cool, dark, place.

2: Mango Vodka Tonic

If you’re looking to relax during a quiet evening or entertain guests with the taste of the tropics, you can’t beat this simple mango vodka tonic.

For this, you only need vodka, tonic water or seltzer water, and mango flavor extract. Of course, we’ll discuss some easy ways to dress the drink up, as well.

In a standard whiskey glass, add 3 ice cubes and a double shot of your favorite non-flavored vodka. Since you’re adding flavoring, it’s okay to use a cheaper vodka option, as well. Top the glass off with tonic water (around 2 two shots worth), and add a teaspoon of mango extract.

That’s the basic drink, but if you want to make it a little fancier, line the rim with granulated white sugar by wetting the rim and rolling it in sugar before pouring the drink. You can also wedge a slice of mango for a little extra flair and a tasty post-drink snack.

3: Easy Mango Ice Cream

If you’re looking for an extremely easy treat you can toss together in a few minutes without dragging 40 different ingredients from your pantry, this is a mango flavoring recipe for you. It’s perfect for those tiresome nights when you don’t have the time to do something from scratch, and with just 3 ingredients, it’s cheap, too.

All you need for this is a pint of your favorite vanilla ice cream, one mango, and some mango flavor extract from Dolce Foglia.

Start by cutting the inside of your mango into small cubes. They don’t need to be perfectly shaped, but you don’t want anything too large. You’re eating this on a spoon, after all.

Now, you can use a mixer or some good old elbow grease with a bowl and spoon to mix 1 tablespoon of mango extract into the vanilla ice cream thoroughly. Make sure you mix it well, or you won’t taste the extract in every bite.

Once you’ve done that, add your mango cubes, mix it up, and you’ve got a fruity ice cream treat that’s elevated beyond boring old vanilla ice cream.

As a bonus, one small change can turn this into a yummy milkshake.

Just add this mixture to a blender with a half-cup of ice, and blend it until it’s smooth. You should get a milkshake that has fruity mango flavor and tiny mango chunks to add a bit of freshness.

Of course, with fresh fruit being added to it, this is something you’ll want to serve immediately regardless of which method you use.

Mango flavoring recipes: Mango ice cream


Tips for Mango Flavor Extract

Mango extract is super easy to use, but it can be a bit finicky if you’re not used to using extracts. Since these are beginner-friendly recipes, here are a few tips.

1: Use a High-Quality Extract

First and foremost, always use a high-quality flavoring extract such as the mango extract from Dolce Foglia. Subpar extracts provide weaker or inaccurate flavor profiles.

2: Use the Right Amount

Extract, at least a high-quality extract, is very potent. You don’t want to use too much, or it will overwhelm the dish. However, you don’t want to skimp with it, either.

3: Mix Thoroughly

Some extracts are oils. If you don’t spend an ample amount of time mixing the extract into the dish, it won’t be noticeable in every bite or sip. This is essential with fluids because you don’t just want the extract to sit at the top.

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We're excited for you to experience the tropical bliss that our mango flavoring recipes bring to the table. Once you've had a taste, we'd love to hear about your culinary adventure. 

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