Is imitation vanilla flavor keto?

where is vanilla extract from

Dolce Foglia's imitation vanilla flavor is 100% keto. This imitation vanilla is not an extract and is but a chemical make up of to imitate vanilla flavor that contains zero carbs and zero sugar. The beauty of imitation vanilla flavor is that is can be used for a multitude of cooking applications. 

Imitation vanilla in ice cream

Is imitation vanilla sweet?

Dolce Foglia imitation vanilla is unsweetened, however, it does have a unique flavor profile since it is paired with other natural ingredients to provide a truly delicious experience of flavor.

Is imitation vanilla bad for you?

There are no health benefits to consuming vanillin. The ease of use of imitation vanilla is that it can typically be swapped 1 for 1 with pure vanilla or vanilla extract. However, there are other proprietary natural flavor components in our imitation vanilla. 

Fun fact - 99% of the vanilla in the world is synthetic vanillin 

Does imitation vanilla taste the same?

Regular imitation vanilla is just vanillin which does have an artificial flavor taste to it, however from my point of view, Dolce Foglia's vanilla does not have an artificial taste but almost a coffee/birthday cake flavor profile that is mixed with the vanilla.

Keto vanilla flavor

What is the difference between natural vanilla and artificial vanilla? 

Imitation vanillin is typically synthetic vanillin which is normally extracted from wood pulp which essentially means that it is missing the normal notes of natural vanilla.

On the other hand, natural vanilla extract comes from the vanilla orchid plant, which, when pollinated, produces a pod containing vanilla beans. Once these beans are cured and fermented, they go through a process of being grounded up, soaked up in alcohol and water in order to create the liquid version. 

Incredibly, natural vanilla is the sole fertile member of the orchid family where the flower produces the vanilla bean. Then beans are hand picked, cured, wrapped and dried in a process that can take as long as 6 months and as short as 4 months. It is one of the most expensive spices in the world today. 

where do vanilla beans come from

Where does vanilla flavor originate from?

Madagascar and Indonesia are the two leaders by far in the world that produce vanilla flavor. Madagascar comes in at roughly 2,900 tons annually whereas, Indonesia produces about 2,300 tons annually. In third and fourth place are China and Mexico that come way below our two leaders. China produces about 800 tons a year and Mexico produces about 500 tons per year. There are other countries who also produce the natural vanilla plant but don't quite compare in numbers. 

What applications can imitation vanilla be used in?

Since imitation vanilla is water soluble it can applied to baked goods, jams, beverages, gummies, vinegar, condiments, candy centers, and supplements. 

vanilla extract vs vanilla flavor in baking

Does Dolce Foglia's imitation vanilla have alcohol?

Yes. There are trace amounts of alcohol in Dolce Foglia's vanilla flavor.

What's the typical price difference between natural and imitation vanilla?

Typically, you can find 2 oz. of natural vanilla in grocery stores ranging from $15-$20, depending on the type of vanilla bean and it's origins. Whereas a 2 oz. artificial vanilla flavor can be found for $8-$10. 

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More about vanilla flavoring

The flavor of vanilla has been termed woodsy, creamy, floral, and rich with a pleasant aroma. Unlike other common flavors, vanilla is mild and appeals to a wider audience. In most stores, it is the most bought flavor that blends well with most products. This includes custards, cakes, caramel, yoghourts, ice- creams, and coffees among others. Look at it this way; it is difficult to find a strawberry flavored coffee, but vanilla works here quite well. This versatility is what makes vanilla all the more popular.

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