How to Use Cheesecake Flavor Extract: Elevate Your Baking Game

How to use cheesecake flavor extract

As you develop your skills as a baker and move away from premade boxed kits, you’re going to want to recreate some of those “unnatural” flavors that are so common in modern baking, but without all the junk you find in boxed mixes.

Obviously, recreating the flavor of something like cotton candy in a cupcake is extremely difficult when you’re baking from scratch.

However, thanks to flavoring extracts, you can do just that, and it’s not even difficult.

Today, we want to cover one of the most popular baking flavors: cheesecake flavoring.

Recreating cheesecake flavor from scratch is difficult with basic scratch ingredients, but using a baking-grade flavor extract makes it easy, convenient, and delicious without ruining your scratch-made claim when you take your new cheesecake baked goods to your next potluck party.

If you’re unfamiliar with extract usage, we will teach you how to use cheesecake flavor extract and elevate your baking game.


What is Cheesecake Flavor Extract?


You’ve probably heard of vanilla extract, peppermint extract, and other plant-based extracts if you’ve been baking for any length of time. They’re common staples in the baking world.

However, “cheesecake” isn’t exactly a plant you can simply separate the essential oils from.

To create a cheesecake extract or any other flavor extract based on a similar food item, a bit of chemistry is used to provide the flavor of cheesecake in liquid form.

The extract is then used to add that flavor to things that typically don’t taste anything like cheesecake.


What is Cheesecake Flavoring Extract Used For?


As we’ve briefly mentioned, it’s used to add a bit of cheesecake flavor to things that don’t have actual cheesecake in them.

This works better with some dishes than it does with others.

Here are some of the basic baked goods that cheesecake flavor extract goes well with.


1: Cake


Cheesecake flavor extract can be used as a substitute for vanilla extract in cake recipes to add cheesecake notes to the overall flavor profile. It’s not a strong cheesecake flavor that overpowers all your hard work crafting the cake, but the flavor definitely comes through.

This is especially good in richer cakes that match the richness one expects from cheesecake.


2: Icing


While everyone loves the rich creaminess of buttercream icing, it doesn’t have too much flavor on its own. Certainly not enough to make it stand out as a dominant flavor in a dish. It’s simply sweet and creamy.

Cheesecake flavor extract can enhance your buttercream icing and take it to the next level.

Just add a few drops of extract to your icing recipe, and make sure you mix it well. It can also be a vanilla extract substitute. Suddenly, you’ll have the perfect cheesecake-flavored topping for chocolate cupcakes, strawberry cakes, fudge, brownies, and more.

How to use cheesecake flavor extract: Icing

3: Swirled Batters

Once you start complicating recipes with swirled batters, cheesecake extract comes in handy. Especially if one of your batters is strawberry or chocolate flavored. Since cheesecake is traditionally paired with those flavors, the extract-based batter works well with them, too. 

To do this, you simply add the cheesecake extract to the vanilla portion of your batter. Let the chocolate or strawberry batter stand on its own two feet.

When you swirl it, you get the perfect cakey equivalent of strawberry or chocolate swirl cheesecake.


4: White Fudge

All fudge varieties can benefit from some cheesecake-flavored buttercream icing, but to flavor the fudge itself is a whole other ball game.

Predominantly, this is best with white fudge varieties. Their flavor profile isn’t as bold, and they let the cheesecake flavor pop.

Just add the extract to your normal fudge recipe, and you’re done.

This works especially well when you make swirled fudge and the white fudge is cheesecake flavored alongside rich, chocolaty, chocolate fudge swirls.


What Shouldn’t You Use Cheesecake Flavor Extract in?


Cheesecake flavor extract is great for a large number of baked goods; especially cake-like items and icing. However, it’s not something you want to use in everything. The cheesecake flavor just doesn’t mesh well with certain foods.

Mostly, you’ll want to stay away from custard-like items such as pies, cream-filled items, etc. Having the flavor of cheesecake in those sorts of dishes ends up providing cheesecake flavor in a far softer and runnier dish, and it creates a distinct texture and flavor clash that just doesn’t work. 

What Non-Baked Goods is Cheesecake Flavor Extract Good for?


Cheesecake flavor extract isn’t just good for baked goods. If you like to make sweet treats that aren’t baked, you can get plenty of use out of the extract.

Here are 3 prime examples.


1: Ice Cream


Firmer ice creams and frozen custards go extremely well with cheesecake flavor extracts. Especially if you pair it with graham cracker crumbs and fresh strawberry syrup.

Whether you make a milkshake, concrete, or just a normal bowl of ice cream, this is one use for cheesecake flavor extract that everyone is sure to love.


2: Alcohol


When done right, cheesecake flavor extract can go extremely well with alcohol. You will want a good recipe or a bit of mixology experience to use it appropriately, though.

For the most part, it goes best in clear alcohols that aren’t flavored. So, vodka and gin are prime candidates. Of course, make sure it’s a sweeter cocktail recipe. Just adding the extract to vodka is fine, but it’s certainly not the best way to do it. It works best as part of a more elaborate presentation.


3: Hard Candy


Extracts are a candy maker’s best friend, and if you’re making hard candies, cheesecake flavor extract should be in your pantry. It adds a rich creaminess that pairs well with fruit and chocolate flavors.

If you remember the old strawberry cream and orange cream hard candies from the 90s, cheesecake flavor extract can be an amazing substitute to make your own enhanced version of those now that they’re not on store shelves.


Use Top-Quality Cheesecake Flavor Extract


Now that you've learned how to use cheesecake flavor extract, it's time to unleash your culinary creativity and bring your dessert recipes to a new level of deliciousness.

Cheesecake flavor extract is a lot more complicated than mint or anything else that can simply be derived from a plant. If you choose a random brand, you can get something that simply doesn’t taste right.

For the best cheesecake flavor extract that elevates your desserts to a professional level, look no further than Dolce Foglia. 

Known for its premium quality and exceptional taste, Dolce Foglia's cheesecake flavor extract is the secret ingredient your baking arsenal needs. Transform your traditional recipes or experiment with new culinary delights—the possibilities are endless.

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