Which Company Makes the Best Flavors for CBD?

There are hundreds of CBD businesses out there and being able to identify a company, which makes the best flavors for CBD can be a daunting task. As a consumer, you are not only entitled to high-quality products but you also deserve to enjoy a flavorful product. CBD does not need to be boring at all. If anything you should be yearning for your next dose of CBD, not just for the effects but also for the mouthful.

Why Taste Matters

Taste is the primary consideration made by most consumers when they are buying a consumable product. Several surveys that have been carried out by the International Food Information Council Foundation have confirmed this with statistics from 2019 showing that up to 86% of consumers prioritize taste over other factors when buying a product.

If you are a CBD manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer you need to go to great lengths to ensure that all your products are well flavored and appeal to a broad clientele. If you are stranded about where to start you can always speak to one of our experts who are trained to create the best flavors for CBD.

A Glance at the Companies with the Best Flavors for CBD

The increasing demand for CBD products means that businesses ought to either create new products or make their existing products even better. The good news is that flavoring CBD products creatively can help to place a CBD company ahead of the competition. This does not mean using any mediocre flavor that is available. On the contrary it means doing due diligence to find the best flavors that are available for CBD. It may also mean partnering with the best flavoring house that offers top-of-the-range flavoring options for cannabis and hemp.

Here are some of the top brands that offer enticing flavors for CBD: –

Balance CBD

The company does not use any animal by-products in its CBD oils. The CBD products that they offer are vegan-friendly and contain no preservatives, GMOs, or artificial ingredients. Hence, you will likely get a natural flavor or a range of delicate and mouth-watering flavors such as strawberry and citrus.

Joy Organics

The company’s oils are rigorously tested, both in-house and independently. For a smooth experience, they incorporate organic extra-virgin olive oil. Orange bliss, tranquil mint, summer lemon, and natural are some of its typical flavors produced using branded hemp strains organically grown in the US.


CanChew was the first company to offer CBD in chewing gum, a product, which has seen great success since hitting the market last year. It is not only gluten-free, but it is also vegan, non-GMO, and has no artificial sweeteners. The cheese flavor is particularly appealing. Passionflower adds some tanginess to these chews. Having a gum instead of drops makes it easy to take it with you on the go, and you do not have the worries of measuring your dosages.

Lazarus Naturals

Even though the company’s selection of oils is small, they are affordable and derived from hemp grown in their non-GMO farms. Some of the flavors you will enjoy are a tropical breeze, blood orange, wintermint as well as flavorless. It is worth mentioning that the company has a particular commitment to offering discounts to people with disabilities, military members, and those with low-income.  

Strava Craft Coffee

Coffee is already a part of so many people’s everyday lives, and the availability of CBD coffee makes it even more exciting. The coffee company has created hemp oil-infused speciality coffees. They are all rich in CBD and come in four varieties; Whole-bean coffee, Focus, Restore and Elevate all with a natural coffee flavor to appeal to coffee lovers.

All the above mentioned brands sell CBD flavored products. In 2021, the competition in the CBD space is bound to get steep with thousands of entrants streaming into the space. Seeing that taste is usually a key consideration when consumers are making the final choice on a product, it is an important make-no-mistake. Here is a secret on how to make your CBD products stand out; simply team up with the best CBD flavor company.

Is Dolce Foglia The Best Company For CBD Flavors?

Dolce Foglia is a CBD Flavor house based in the Glendale area of California, USA.

The first and foremost priority at Dolce Foglia is creating value in their products, a flavoring house built on the foundation of helping CBD companies create irresistible products. Through concierge alliance, the sky’s the limit when it comes to business potential by working to identify authentic, ideal, high quality flavors for Dolce Foglia’s partners’ products.

Using 100% natural ingredients, Dolce Foglia works with customers to create flavors they feel would suit them. A strong understanding of smell and taste and their complexities mean that they have flavor lines for every need. Being the guiding force behind adventurous and bold flavor is their goal.

Doce Foglia Flavors can be used in almost every variety of CBD; gummies, hard candies, cookies, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, baked goods, chocolate and even ice cream. Depending on your preferred item, there is an available selection that is recommended and provided per amount needed by the customer in 2 – 8 ounce/milliliter bottles as well as a 8 pound bottle.

Dolce Foglia Flavors are recognized as safe by the Food Extraction Manufacturing Association, hence rated as FEMA GRAS, meaning the ingredients used in making the flavors are on the “GRAS” list; Generally Recognized as Safe. Not only are they delicious, but are soluble and highly concentrated.

To prove their amazing quality, Dolce Foglia flavors do not include Ethanol, Lactic Acid, Glycerin or solvents of any kind; they do not contain any artificial sweeteners; sugar-free, gluten-free and allergen-free; and no vegetable oils or preservatives either.

CBD consumers, as stated before, are quite picky when it comes to flavoring the products be it a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate. Dolce Foglia offers a wide variety of flavors for almost every category of consumable product. For example, if you prefer taking your CBD infused into baked goods, then Dolce Foglia has a great selection starting with some great fruity flavors like Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Natural Tangerine and Grape. If you are the adventurous type you might choose to experiment with the Natural Cognac, Natural Habanero spice flavor, Natural Lavender or the Orange Dreamsicle which is based on an ice treat. Lastly there is the “Dankest of OGs” flavor which comes highly recommended.

Orange Creamsicle Flavor for confection

A great service meets you at first contact with this company. Customers receive complete flavor and product consultation and can select between oil and water based flavoring. Alternatively customers can explore the unique blends suited to customer’s specifications that would really make any CBD product stand out.

To top it, Dolce Foglia also offers flavor matching for customers with a flavor in mind and would like it recreated. But of course any successful business is built on sustainability and to achieve that. Dolce Foglia offers consultancy services to their partners and start-ups regarding production of consumables, appropriate flavors for products, diversification (venturing into candy rather than just baked goods and beverages).

There is no other company at the top of the game with CBD flavors, Dolce Foglia is a consumer-friendly place to start when considering the best flavors that will make your CBD products stand out.

How To Choose a Reputable CBD Flavor Company

And as the industry explodes, collaborations and partnerships are emerging between CBD brands and flavoring houses that have specialized in the CBD industry. Companies with such speciality are few and far between especially when quality and reliability are factored in.  If you are a CBD business and looking to partner with a flavoring house you should prioritize doing a thorough background check on the company before committing your money.

At Dolce Foglia, we are ardent about giving the consumers the right flavor for their CBD products. We do not negotiate on the quality of products or customer service. Therefore, as you shop around for other brands consider: –

  •                   The reputation of the company. While user reviews could act as a guideline, ensure you carry out independent research on the company.
  •                   A company with excellent service. Many CBD flavor companies are overwhelmed because of the influx of customers. A majority of customers are turning to reputable brands with the experience in the industry. Ask yourself this question; is this flavor company a generalist or do they focus on CBD and hemp products?
  •                   A company with logical pricing and wide flavor selection. Do they offer the option of creating new and robust flavors from scratch? Is flavor-matching an option? How flexible is their design?
  •                   A company with excellent marketing support. Consumers want to have the most out of any brand. Therefore, a company should incorporate education for its customers by providing them with educational materials about CBD. What is available in their blog section?
  •                   Concierge partnerships is an additional perk to consider. What extras are thrown in to make your work easier?

CBD flavoring is often overlooked by most business owners. Unfortunately, this grave mistake can cause a CBD business to lose its customer base. Choose to be wise in 2021!