What You Must Know Before You Buy Blood Orange Flavor

What You Must Know Before You Buy Blood Orange Flavor

With the rapidly growing CBD market, taking your CBD does not have to be an unpleasant ordeal you undertake with your eyes tightly shut. The variety of flavors currently available to make your CBD enjoyable is vast, with new creations coming up every day. But what comes to your mind when you think of CBD flavor? Probably not blood orange. This is a well-kept secret that is in the family of oranges, but not in the way you are accustomed to them. As people’s pallets become more sophisticated, and the normal flavors lose their novelty, flavors like blood orange are becoming all the rage.

Let’s find out what is so captivating about this flavor for our CBD products.

What Does Blood Orange Flavor Taste Like?

If you can imagine biting into a citrusy orange that has a delicious raspberry edge, and flowery undertones, then you have gotten the flavor of blood orange down pat.

Blood Oranges get their name from their crimson flesh (does it sound appetizing at this point?). They originated from Sicily, and were once reserved for royalty. Lucky for us, they are now widely available and are reported to have grown in popularity by 16% between 2017, and 2018. The distinctive dark color of their flesh is because of the presence of anthocyanins. This form part of the family of polyphenol pigments that are common in fruit, and flowers, but are not usually found in citrus fruits.

It is a favorite among women, and is used mostly in cocktails and other beverages. A fun fact is that a Blood Orange Fanta Zero Sparkling drink is usually produced on limited edition for Halloween.

What are the Different Kinds of Blood Orange Flavor?

Flavor can either be extracted, or natural. An extracted flavor is obtained by the use of solvents, which are used to dissolve the flavor from the fruit. Blood Orange flavor extracts are obtained in this way. However, when solvents are used to extract blood orange flavor, you might find it compromises the smell, and taste, and it is no longer authentic and natural. Extraction is usually used in obtaining large quantities of flavor for commercial purposes.

Natural flavor, on the other hand, is wholesome and full bodied.

As you might have guessed by now, the main distinguishing factor between extracted, and natural flavors, is taste. Natural blood orange flavor will be sweeter, and more robust than extracted blood orange flavor.

Though extracted flavors are cheaper, you get exactly what you pay for. The slightly higher price tag on the natural blood orange flavor is so worth it. It’s the difference between being in the stadium and watching the game on TV!

Is Blood Orange Flavor Good for CBD?

Naturally, both cannabis, and hemp have a strong grassy, earthy, herbal taste. Not anything one would enjoy in their mouths. This taste has in fact put many off taking CBD, though they know that it is beneficial to them. Aren’t we so lucky then that a few ingenious individuals have taken up the challenge of making CBD so flavorful and enjoyable?  In the world of CBD, if you want to move your product, you best jump onto the flavor caravan, as not many customers would enjoy its natural taste!

The almost cocktail punch flavor of blood orange makes it perfect for infusing into CBD products. The natural grassy, unpleasant flavor of marijuana does not make for palatable ingestion, and what better way to sweeten it than with this fruity, berry, flowery scent.

Mixed into your CBD product, it masks the original scent so well that the dank flavor will be hardly discernible. This is ideal for people who are leisurely taking CBD for its benefits such as relaxation, or relief of stress, to those who take it to manage chronic conditions. Blood orange flavor makes taking CBD a treat, instead of a dose.

It also blends well with other flavors, due to its diverse combination. You will not get a more versatile flavor than this out there.

Here are some reasons why you should add blood orange flavor into your CBD products:

  1.         To mask the natural earthy taste of CBD
  2.       To give the blood orange color to CBD products, which make them very appealing
  3.       To make CBD appealing to take, especially by children
  4.       To introduce a new flavor that is attractive, especially to women
  5.       To provide a variety of products a customer can choose from
  6.       To enhance appetite due to its citrusy scent
  7.       To create variety in CBD products and give customers a range of options to choose from
  8.       Blood Orange flavor enriches the “naturalness” of CBD
  9.       To make taking CBD fun
  10.       Natural blood orange flavor retains some of its nutritional value such as vitamin C, manganese, and folate.

Where can you get the best blood orange flavor for your CBD?

Though many companies exist in the US that make flavor, very few make it to the specifications required to blend in with CBD, and are of high potency, and quality. You should also ensure that the company is FEMA GRAS certified, which means they are considered to be safe.

One such company is Dolce Foglia, who have curved out a niche manufacturing delicious, and natural flavors, for CBD, and your other use.

Their blood orange flavor is natural, and tastes like it’s right out of a blood orange fruit. It does not contain solvents, ethanol, Glycerin, or Lactic Acid. It is also both gluten-free, and sugar-free, and has no added sweeteners.

Whether you are looking for a flavor to infuse into your commercial CBD products, or you are looking for some for your home use to make CBD smoothies, recipes, and cocktails, you will have a big win trying out their products.

Dolce Foglia offers a vast range of flavors which are readily available. Their flavors are water soluble, super delicious, and highly concentrated! They also consult with you to understand your needs, and create flavors to your exact specifications. Their collections of flavors include Grape, Natural Cognac, Banana, Water Melon, Cherry, a surprising one, “the dankest of OG” flavor, among many others. This is a one stop “shop” of true delicious taste and flavor, and what’s more? You can order online. 

Where Can You Use Blood Orange CBD flavor?

Blood orange flavor is very versatile and can be used in almost any edible, from drinks to candy, and even baked goodies.

Below are some ideas of how you can use your blood orange flavor:

Blood Orange Gummies

Gummies are an awesome, simple, and delicious way of taking CBD, and even THC products. If you are a manufacturer looking for a fresh flavor for your gummies, look no further. CBD is great for invigorating you, and even dealing with some aches and pains, and gummies are a perfect, delicious way to package it.

Blood Orange Gummies are sure to be a hit, from their vibrant color, to their great, prolific smell and taste. Give it a try today!

CBD-Infused Blood Orange Gummy Candy (250mg-5000mg)

Candy is another great way to package both CBD, and even THC. Who wouldn’t want to suck on yummy candy that will leave them feeling refreshed, stress free, and even a little giddy. With time, packaging cannabis products is becoming more interesting and moving away from traditional smoking, and vaping. This is a great time to move onto the flavorful bandwagon and produce attractive products like blood orange flavored candy.

Blood Orange Flavor for confection

Dracula Blood Orange CBD Vape Juice 500 – 1000mg

What sounds better than a flavor packed vape juice with added benefits? It is definitely an interesting, fun way to take your CBD!

Now, imagine it in the flavor of blood orange. Absolutely delicious!

When making your vape juice, ensure to get the concentration right. You can consult with Dolce Foglia abut the correct ratio, and whether other infused flavors can be included, such as mint, to make your juice all the more pleasurable.

Blood Orange cocktail

As we have mentioned before, blood orange flavor is perfect for cocktails. It is one of the unique flavors that can be mixed with almost any other, and still maintain its integrity, and deliciousness. So do not hesitate to purchase some Dracula Blood Orange flavor to help you fix that CBD cocktail that will pick you up after a long, hard day at work.

To help you along, here’s a recipe you can use:

Preparation time: 10 minutes


  •       1 lemon
  •       1 apple
  •       1 orange
  •       1 lime
  •       ½ cup orange juice
  •       1 cup cranberry juice
  •       3 cups of red grape juice (or wine)
  •       2 cups seltzer
  •       1 dropper Dolce Foglia’s Dracula Blood Orange flavor
  •       Ice


  1.     Cut the apple into chunks, and slice the citrus fruits into wheels.
  2.   Put all the ingredients into a pitcher, mix well, and serve cold.

In conclusion

Blood orange flavor is as delicious, unique, and versatile a flavor as they come. It can be used in both commercial products like gummies, candy, truffles, and bottled drinks, but is also appropriate for baked goods like cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, and fudge. And we will not have done this sophisticated flavor justice if we don’t mention CBD cocktails and CBD.

And you know what’s the most amazing this about it, its color. You cannot have a blood orange product without feeling invigorated. So go on, order your first bottle of Dracula Blood Orange flavor today!