What Flavors are the Most Popular for CBD?

What Flavors are the Most Popular for CBD?

Before getting to understand what flavors are the most popular for CBD, it is important to know a little bit about the natural flavor of hemp and cannabis.

Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and terpenes found in cannabis and hemp are growing in popularity at an exponential rate. They hold a lot of promise for health-focused and medical applications, as well as recreational products that could be an alternative to alcohol.

CBD particularly does not cause the high usually associated with cannabis, an attribute credited to THC. CBD delivers relaxing, calming effects which makes it beneficial in the reduction of anxiety, management of pain, and dealing with disorders such as insomnia.

While the use of CBD is spreading with various forms of CBD use such as tinctures, gummies, hard candy, and even beverages, the need to flavor it and blend with or mask its often undesirable grassy, earthy, dank aroma and taste has also risen.  Producers seeking to reach the mainstream consumers have taken an interest in flavoring their CBD products for a wider market range and consumer satisfaction.  

CBD Oil Flavors

Whether you are taking CBD for its relaxing qualities or for medical use, having it in a flavor you enjoy will not only improve the experience for you, it will also make you look forward to taking it. Unlike times past when the only available CBD products, especially for tinctures was the earthy, grassy taste or at best a bland taste, technology has evolved to create interesting and delicious flavors for every possible CBD product. From tinctures, and gummies, to hard candy, beverages and drops, the array is vast and thankfully now, delicious.

CBD flavors can also be used at home in shakes and baked goodies, so having that stash of your flavor is a plus in encouraging you to take your CBD. With the advancement in flavors, the popularity of CBD can only increase.

Why Flavor CBD?

CBD products such as Cannabis-infused gummies are wildly successful due to their adventurous fruity flavor profiles. While at first original flavors such as lemon, orange and apple were the only ones available, flavor trends have become exotic with fruity flavors variations such as blood orange and orange creamsicle for the plain orange flavor, and spicy blends are becoming very popular with consumers. The need to flavor CBD products and make them more appealing to a wider consumer base is one that every producer should explore.

Apart from gummies and hard candy, CBD mocktails and non-alcohol beers are also becoming another popular CBD segment. Flavors to mimic real alcoholic drinks such as malt, hops, stout, spicy ginger, pina colada, and even bourbons and mohitos make for a very enjoyable treat and are flavors consumers are catching on to.

In the beverage CBD market, many consumers look for natural and effective products. They want to feel refreshed as well as looking for a remedy for their mental and physical states. The flavors they choose often reflect these. Citrus flavors, like lemon and grapefruit as well as mint, cucumber, and watermelon are very popular. These are usually characterized as the “spa flavors” as they are very invigorating. They are also reminiscent of a healthy space such as the spa, a vacation, or a yoga session. Sipping a beverage flavored with fresh, citrusy notes transports your mind to a place of tranquility, even if you might be at work.

In the THC market however, people lean more to bolder flavors such as orange, grape, and mango. These flavors are not only “out there”, they also reflect caffeinated energy drinks. As hops are very similar to cannabis in flavor profile, there is also an overlap in that context. Cannabis drinks that give a”beer-like” experience without the alcohol are also increasing in popularity.                   

Blackberry, White Peach, Pomegranate, Red Raspberry, and other purées can also be used in pectin and fruit gummies, as well as in infusions for CBD beverages.

An even more savory flavor is the Red Jalapeno, which is a bold combination of mature jalapenos with rice vinegar and a dash of peach ginger.  

Banana Flavor for confection

Flavors For CBD

Cannabis ingredients often experience vast variations across today’s supply chain. When formulating the perfect CBD product, developers often start with a hemp/cannabis isolate, which has minimal bitter or “off notes”. They then switch to full-spectrum or broad extracts to enhance the entourage or “ensemble” effects. When these terpenes and other cannabinoids are added back, extra careful masking or even total reformulation is required to mute the undesirable notes. Flavor companies such as Dolce Foglia have successfully developed a number of masking agents to serve this purpose.

These well-formulated CBD and also THC isolates also eliminate off flavors. But because some product developers wish to offer health benefits found in a broader-spectrum cannabis extract, a higher ingredient technology level is involved.  

While off notes that are common in cannabis ingredients usually pose a challenge, a properly formulated emulsion offers a smooth solution that tastes neutral. In some cases, the characteristic aroma and flavor of cannabis are desirable. Therefore, flavor houses like Dolce Foglia seek to formulate flavor notes that complement the terpene profile of the cannabis. Complementary flavors that support the characteristics of the CBD such as citrusy or spicy extracts are very desirable in achieving this. These flavors might include hops, lemon, lime, piney citrus notes or fruit blends.

The “broad-spectrum” cannabis ingredients can be likened to single-estate or boutique gin. The flavors can either be unique and delicate, or aromatic and bold and aromatic. If the customer is accustomed to cannabis, they might enjoy the nuances. However, new consumers might take quite some getting used to hence the need to “mask” the taste.

Though cannabis naturally has some bitter notes to it, aromatic bitters may also be added for products such as cocktails. They create dimension, roundedness, and complexity in the flavor. The notes of cannabis can be used as the base to create sophisticated flavors, Cannabis has some bitter notes to it—but aromatic bitters are popular additions to cocktails, or they can be totally masked by sweet and bold flavors. The “earthiness and terpene” mixture that a broad spectrum provides can give a very “herbaceous” beverage that is reminiscent of a rosemary grapefruit cocktail—slightly bitter, bright, with a twist of botanical flavor.”

Perhaps the biggest trend right now is alcohol-free cannabis infused beverages. Stewart notes that alcohol-free beverages. Non-alcoholic beer, wine, and aperitifs are becoming all the rage. Characteristic cannabis flavors are often left to interact with items which naturally feature desirable bitterness, for example bitters, beer, and chocolate.

In savory foods, “the cannabis/hemp flavor” and aroma act as just another herbal note. It brings an intoxicating floral, herbaceous, grassy flavor to the table.

Other flavors that can be complementary as well as beneficially contrasting with the components of cannabis are:

  • Peppers, both peppercorns and chilies
  • Zingy spices such as mint, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon
  • Herbs like basil, marjoram, cilantro, oregano, sage, rosemary, and thyme
  • Smoke
  • Citrus
  • Tart flavors such as tomatoes, vinegar or hoja santa (also called Piper auritum)

Orange Creamsicle Flavor for confection

How to Select The Best CBD Flavor

When you are choosing a CBD flavor, the factors that should be at the top of your list are quality, safety, and transparency. Ensure that your flavor:

  • Is from a company which provides proof that it carries out third-party testing through an “ISO 17025”-compliant lab
  • That it passes safety checks for heavy metals, pesticides, and molds, in line with the COA
  • Is according to US standards and sources its raw materials from reputable sources
  • Its products are considered generally safe

You should also consider:

  • The companies’ certifications as well as manufacturing processes
  • product strength
  • overall ingredients
  • indicators that show whether this brand can be trusted such as :
    • customer reviews
    • Any FDA warnings or other such action
    • Whether the company makes support claims that cannot be substantiated.

When looking for a company to purchase your flavor from, find one that sources the best ingredients and uses the highest standards in their production. In order to achieve that full bodied well thought out flavor, a company needs to be committed to the CBD industry and able to listen to and fulfil your particular requirements. Dolce Foglia not only provided CBD formulated flavors, they also custom make on request to meet your individual flavor requirements. Through sensory guidance, they support their customers in finding the flavors that might best accomplish their goal. This takes a lot of dedication and experimentation.

They utilize a unique manufacturing process that enables them achieve pure production which results in very high quality flavor profiles and products. They carefully source their ingredients globally to ensure that they find the highest quality that results in the most luxuriant of flavors.

The most popular premium CBD flavors that Dolce Foglia offers are:

CBD Flavor Range

To mask the earthy or grassy taste found in many CBD tinctures and other CBD products, especially full spectrum ones, a quality well formulated flavor goes a long way. It is important that you take the time to carry our sufficient research to ensure that you purchase a well formulated, quality flavor that is suitable for your CBD product or beverage. With the wide range available, you will definitely find your sweet flavor spot!