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The Sweet Life
14 Sep

The Sweet Life

For as long as humans have been roaming the Earth, they have been craving something sweet. Certainly in those hunter-gatherer days, it was derived from the natural sweetness of berries. As time progressed, we got inventive and creative about how to develop a little sweetness in our lives. We’ve learned a lot along the way. Dolce Foglia knows there is a need for something sweet, but we are determined to bring it to you in the most natural way possible. 

A brief  history of sugar. Our ancestors looked to the bees (honey) and trees for their fix of the sweet life.  It was agave, maple and fruits that gave them satisfaction. Yet, they kept working until finally sugar arrived on the scene…

Refined sugar was first invented in India. Though, it seems that the minute it was introduced, various societies jumped on the bandwagon. There is evidence of refined sugar being brought to different regions as trade routes, conquering nations and crusades occurred, so did sugar’s expansion.

Let’s fast forward though, to our present where we know that refined sugar doesn’t really benefit us. In fact, we know it can be like dancing with the devil. You get a little taste, and you want more. Though there is still an abundance of artificial sweeteners out there, we know that refined sugar and the substitutes for them are not beneficial, in fact they impair our health. Therefore, our commitment at Dolce Foglia to bring you the sweetness in the most natural way possible is something we proudly stand by. 


Just like our ancestors found natural ways to sweeten, we have too! Using only natural ingredients, Dolce Foglia brings you the sweet, but not the sour, unhealthy side effects.  


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