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Salty or Sweet? What Does It Say About You?
05 Oct

Salty or Sweet? What Does It Say About You?

Sweet or salty? While we all most likely have people in our lives we can point to and say, “she loves chocolate” or “he likes savory,” and let’s be real, we all crave one or both sometimes,  our repeatedly choosing one over the other, according to studies, is actually indicative of personality traits. At Dolce Foglia we base our knowledge on which craveable flavors people will choose based on science. 

If you reach for the sweets more often than not, you are known among your friends and family as a “sweet tooth.” The evidence reveals you are probably a kind individual with compassion for others and an empathetic nature. In other words, “sweets for the sweet!” 

All these flavors and you choose salty? If this explains your behavior, chances are you also reach for the sky. Your dreams and goals are lofty, but you are ambitious and driven enough to achieve those great heights. Chances are the first thing you reach for is not the sweet, but the savory. Your “go to” is crunchy and salty. 

Where does this leave us with the seeker of spicy? You know, the person who chimes in when ordering takeout, please let’s make at least one dish extra spicy. While not surprising, studies show a correlation between those who chose spicy foods and an adventurous spirit. This might be the person in your life who is willing to jump out of an airplane. 


Then there’s vanilla. We say the word and it conjures up different associations. People who order vanilla ice cream are accused by others of being boring, but it is actually the opposite. According to research, it turns out those vanilla people are anything but plain. In fact, they tend to be impulse, risk-takers who are likely to rely on their logic rather than reasoning. 


Dolce Foglia knows there are reasons people reach for specific flavors and find them craveable. So, whether it’s chocolate, vanilla, cognac or habanero, it is perfectly you. 


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