Blood Orange Flavoring Oil

Dracula's Blood Orange

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Why we
made this

ūüć¨Extend Sweetness

ūüć¨Mask Undesirable Aftertastes

¬†ūüć¨Lower Use Rate¬†

Designed for High-Quality and Low Use

Use Rate 0.05-0.5% of Total Batch Weight

100g batch = 50mg - 500mg

Each drop with the dropper = 25mg (roughly)

40 drops is roughly 1 gram or 1,000mg

Solvent Free

Not based in Propylene glycol, solvents or vegetable oil, they are either complete concentrates or mixed with MCT Oil for a healthier experience.

Material & Care



FEMA GRAS approved ingredients

Amber Bottles (2 Oz. [With Dropper] & 16 Oz. - HDPE Bottles for Gallon Bottles)


Handmade & Mixed

Keep Out of Sunlight 

Do Not Mix With Water-Soluble Products Unless Sonicated