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Dolce Foglia Flavors™️

Baking Flavor Pack

Baking Flavor Pack

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This Baking Keto Pack is built to blend into cookies, pancakes, brownies, fondue, hard candy gummies and more. They're keto-friendly and absolutely delicious. 

Each Flavor is 56ml

1. Vanilla

2. Banana extract

3. Apple extract

4. Raspberry extract

Your Missing Ingredient

You followed directions, thought about what you were doing, and tried to make something sinfully good. But after hours of work, you pop a piece of saltwater taffy into your mouth and find that it tastes more like the ocean than anything else. You need concentrated food flavoring for candy, cooking, and cosmetics from Dolce Foglia! Infuse your creations with a sugar-, gluten-, and solvent-free goodness, formulated with ultra strength for results that don’t disappoint.

Just Add Dolce Foglia

Be amazed at how many things you can improve with high-powered candy flavoring extracts. Make your own tasty keto- and vegan-friendly sweets, snacks, and Italian sodas. Look and smell fabulous wearing DIY lip gloss and fragrance. Add fruity atmosphere to your home with homemade candles.

Made to Please

Put your trust in flavor concentrates designed by avid flavor fiends and manufactured under strict GMP guidelines in the U.S. Choose between MCT oil and water-based formulas to suit your needs. Appreciate the aesthetic glass bottle with an easy-to-use dropper lid. Your flavoring is bottled at high concentration for extremely economical use rates.

Our Promise to You

Count on us to understand that you care about results, cost, and health-conscious consumption. Your flavoring oil for candy making is designed to meet and exceed those expectations for home or commercial use. Reach out if we can help you on your culinary or cosmetic quest in any way!

Cook without compromise, with Dolce Foglia.


Mct Oil, 2 Oz. Amber Bottle, and Glass Pipette

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Best applications for flavoring oils



3.Hard Tack Candy


5.Ice Cream



8.Baked Goods



11.Lip Balms

12.Lip Gloss


14.And More !

How long do flavor concentrates last?

Dolce Foglia recommends storing flavors with the caps tightly closed and in a cool, dark place. Make sure to keep out of sunlight and heat since heat and sunlight can degrade the flavorings. If stored properly, most flavors should last several years.