Orange Creamsicle flavor for CBD/THC Gummies

Orange Creamsicle flavor for CBD/THC Gummies

Gummies or other edibles can be an easy, tasty, and discreet way of ingesting both THC, and CBD.  As preference for gummies and other edibles becomes widespread, ingenious tastes and flavors have been infused into them to make the experience an enjoyable one; akin to having your favorite candy.

If you have not yet tasted Orange Creamsicle Flavored gummies, you have no idea what you are missing out on. These fully-infused delicious gummies immediately melt in your mouth to deliver a great explosion of flavor. They also allow for quick sublingual absorption, which brings on the effects quite speedily. Could you ask for more?

Join us as we introduce you to this electrifying world of flavor that is infused cannabis gummies.

Why take flavored gummies?

You are not likely to come upon a more convenient, and fun way to take your CBD or THC than gummies. Not only are they enjoyable to chew, and come in interesting shapes, they are also easy to dose, discreet, portable and, wait for it…. Tasty!

If you are a first time user looking for a method to slowly ease your way into the world of cannabis, this is definitely a great place to start. Your gummies could come in hand in giving you that recreational high, quelling anxiety, helping you resolve insomnia, as well as other great benefits.

Though most gummies are yummy, not all are created equal. The Orange Creamsicle flavored gummy is sure to give you a great experience in taste and enjoyment.

Orange Creamsicle Flavor for confection

Why is Orange Creamsicle absolutely delightful?

We all know that the natural dank, earthy flavor of cannabis can be quite strong, and not quite ideal for sucking, or chewing. That is why we. at Dolce Foglia. have come up with a flavorful range of cannabis flavors that will have you enjoying your experience, and coming back for more.

Orange creamsicle is a classic flavor of sweetness that brings to mind childhood ice cream treats.

Do you want to know an interesting fun fact?

The original Orange Creamsicle, which was initially an ice-cream flavor, was invented by Frank Eppperson in 1905. He managed to successfully pull off enclosing vanilla ice cream on a stick with a coat of frozen orange fruit juice. He named his invention the “Epsicle”, which evolved into “popsicle”, “creamsicle”, and later even “dreamsicle”. He was only 11 years old.

Who wouldn’t want that yumminess in their gummy? The delightful blend of vanilla ice cream mixed with orange sherbet is both refreshing and delicious. Whether you are taking your gummy for that classic THC high, or for the CBD goodness, Orange Creamsicle flavor is sure to hit your sweet spot!

How to determine the best quality CBD gummies

Because cannabis is still in the process of getting legalized, and FDA is yet to approve CBD, and THC products, it is very important that you ensure you are purchasing a product of the highest quality.

The criteria you should look out for when selecting the best flavor infused gummy for yourself is quality, safety, and transparency. You should ensure that the product is manufactured by a company who show proof of “third-party testing” done by a lab that is ISO 17025-compliant, and uses U.S grown cannabis that meets the required standards according to the certificate of analysis (COA).

It should also pass the tests for molds, pesticides, and heavy metals according to the COA.

You should also consider:

  • The company’s manufacturing processes, and certifications
  • How original, and natural the flavor is
  • If the flavor is FEMA GRAS certified
  • The potency of the gummies
  • The overall ingredients used
  • Trust, and brand reputation indicators such as customer reviews
  • Any warning letter the company has gotten from FDA

Which is the best Orange creamsicle flavored CBD gummies?

Though the concept of flavored gummies is not new, finding some that are so naturally flavored, you feel like you are actually suckling on a piece of orange creamsicle ice cream is rare.

The Orange creamsicle flavored gummies from Dolce Foglia are fun, tasty, and easy to chew. They will give you a natural energy boost that will also enhance your mental alertness.

The orange flavored gummies from Dolce Foglia also come infused with an amalgam of both L-Theanine, and B Vitamins.

Some of its other benefits are: 

  •       It promotes a sense of calm and well being
  •       Relieve pain
  •       It reduces anxiety
  •       It reduces inflammation
  •       Enhances easier sleep

These family owned, handmade orange creamsicle gummies are produced in Los Angeles, California. They contain no additives, and are made from edible oil. They are also produced in GMP approved facilities, and have no impurities.

Research indicates that the orange also plays a part in improving various aspects of mood, as well as anxiety reduction.  The added L-theanine is an amino acid which may promote relaxation devoid of drowsiness.

Natural fruit juices provide the flavor found in these delicious gummies, to a large part, and they contain 10 mg full-spectrum CBD. If you are just starting out, two gummies a day should be a good start, though you can work your way up as necessary.

What are The CBD Variations used in gummies?

In understanding gummies, it is important to be familiar with the three main CBD variations used. They are:

Full-spectrum CBD: This is the kind of CBD that contains all the phytochemicals that are naturally occur in the cannabis plant. This includes terpenes, various other cannabinoids, and oils. This means it may also include trace amounts of THC, which is the “psychoactive compound in marijuana” which produces the “high” effect.

Broad-spectrum CBD: Though this CBD contains all the phytochemicals which are typically found in the cannabis plant, it contains no THC.

CBD isolate: This is CBD in its purest form.

It is important to clearly read the label on your gummy product. However, due to lack of regulation, one might end up with a product that contains compounds they did not anticipate, and its best to always be on the lookout.

Benefits of CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies have several benefits. These include:

CBD gummies for pain: CBD may reduce the sensation of pain in the body, which may include neuropathic pain. CBD may also limit inflammation, which also plays a part in some types of aches. Research has shown that, when it comes to the relief of pain and swelling, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD act more effectively than CBD isolate.

Relieve stress, and improve sleep – The hemp oil found in gummies can improve your mood, calm your mind, and relax your body. Because it supports stress and insomnia relief, it can both help you fall asleep faster, and ensure you have quality, all night sleep.

CBD gummies for anxiety: CBD also has anti-anxiety effects. This is possibly because its effects alter the response of the brain to serotonin, a chemical found in the brain.

CBD gummies for depression: Several studies have indicated that CBD can act as an antidepressant. For these, nighttime Gummies may greatly help as they also have sedative qualities. Sleep deprivation is often a hallmark of depression.

What about Orange Creamsicle Flavored THC Gummies?

Though gummies were initially the preserve of CBD, THC gummies are quickly increasing in popularity, as they should. With flavours such as the awesome Orange Creamsicle, this is a delicacy that’s here to stay. THC gummies are sweet treats with an incredible twist. Many of the THC-infused gummies in the market only contain 10 milligrams, which is a great place to start but can easily be notched up.

Not only are Orange Creamsicle flavored THC gummies delicious tasting, they are also discreet, not messy, and easily available. They come in different shapes, textures, and flavors and can make your cannabis consumption a pure delight!

When choosing your THC-infused Orange Creamsicle flavored gummies, also consider: 

The ratio of THC to CBD: Having slight doses of CBD in your THC-infused gummy will significantly enhance your THC high.

Added Terpenes: Terpenes , which are organic compounds found in cannabis which are responsible for its smell and taste, will amplify your high as they speed up THC’s absorption into your bloodstream. They also have other positive effects like pain control and appetite stimulation.

Use of full spectrum cannabis oil: Using full-spectrum cannabis oils in your gummies is also sure to add to its character, and experience.


Gummies are a discreet and easy way to take your CBD for anxiety, pain relief, depression, or other conditions, or THC, for that “not so obvious” high. The fact that your gummies now come in exciting flavors is just a treat like no other. Orange Creamsicle flavored gummies are a sure delight, and are great for both beginners, and hard core cannabis enthusiasts.

If you are new to cannabis, you can start with a dose as low as 5 mg, which you can gradually increase to the level that suits you best.

While selecting your gummy of choice, remember to choose some from reliable companies which not only list all their ingredients, but also use high standards of production. So go on, sample this taste bud shattering treat, and I assure you, you will be stuck on it!