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Make a Customer Not a Sale
03 Aug

Make a Customer Not a Sale

“Make a customer, not a sale.” (Katherine Barchetti-famous Pittsburgh retailer) Good businesses know the importance of this simple quote. Dolce Foglia, not only knows how crucial this is, we can help you grow your return customers into repeat ones, and ultimately into loyal customers. 

With Dolce Foglia’s flavoring, we can bring you the loyal customers who will go where your products are; they seek brand loyalty, your brand! How do we know this? Our customers are reporting that products flavored with Dolce Foglia are being sought at the dispensaries by 3rd, 4th and beyond customers. They have tasted the difference and they are not only repeat customers, they are return ones. 

There is an old expression, You can put a pig in a tuxedo, but it is still a pig. We see this as the fancy marketing some products are using, but in the end, it is about the quality of the product inside. When using a quality product like Dolce Foglia flavoring, it won’t be dressing a pig in the tuxedo, but rather James Bond showing up dashing; the whole package. 

When flavoring gum, hard candies, gummies, beverages, Dolce Foglia has the formulas that will produce a loyalty strong enough to seek your product out. This means, a customer searching for your product will not settle for another one; they will keep looking until they find yours!

Brand loyalty can also come in the form of word of mouth. We all know the power of this as we have probably experienced it ourselves. Whether it’s a gathering of friends, or family, the mention of a quality product is an endorsement. We trust our friends and family, in particular if we consider them to be like-minded. If they recommend a product, your product with Dolce Foglia flavoring, the likelihood is great that the customer will seek it out. Once they try it, they will want to return. 

Trust is another factor customers are displaying when they seek your product with our flavoring over and over again. They trust that when they purchase the product, it will be the same. Dolce Foglia has a precise formula, which we employ ensuring that the customer will not be disappointed. We do not betray that trust, we cultivate it. 

Expensive marketing may bring you a sale, but you need to ask yourself if you are building brand loyalty with quality, creating repeat customers who will happily spread the word, bringing you true customers, not just a sale. 


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