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How Can I Create Flavored Marijuana Products?
24 Mar

How Can I Create Flavored Marijuana Products?

Now that marijuana has moved into the mainstream, the methods for consuming it have moved well beyond the stereotypes once common in movies. Customers don’t just have the choice between different strains of cannabis specifically bred to have higher or lower concentrations of THC or CBD—they can choose between edibles of all kinds, vapes, pre-rolls, and more. What they’re often looking for as well is improved taste.

Marijuana has a distinctive odor and taste that even fans of its effects can find off-putting, and which can be a barrier to those looking to try cannabis for health reasons who probably grew up with strong negative messaging about it. Thus, many creators of cannabis products put a considerable amount of thought and work into creating flavored products that mask or even eliminate the characteristic taste and smell.

One thing you might have heard of are flavored strains of marijuana. Growers have specifically developed strains of the plant to evoke hints of popular flavors such as citrus, fruit, vanilla, or chocolate. The important word here is “hints”—the primary flavor of any of these varieties is still going to be the usual cannabis taste. Chances are, unless you are a true aficionado, you’re not going to appreciate the differences at this level.

Many cannabis products now use various kinds of oils, concentrates, or extracts as a base. Some consumers don’t want to smoke marijuana to derive its benefits, while others prefer the fact that concentrates often mean that you use less of the product to achieve the same result. When you develop products using these concentrates, you have the opportunity to imbue them with flavors to appeal to any kind of taste, whether you’re creating tinctures, gummies, dab, or vape oil.

Of course, creating an appealing flavor isn’t as simple as it might sound. Online do-it-yourself articles might recommend using essential oils or extracts found in the baking aisle to flavor marijuana, but that’s hardly the approach we would recommend to entrepreneurs creating a professional-level product. For one thing, such a process is likely to be hit-or-miss at best in achieving good results; for another, the combination of elements might not ultimately be safe for its intended method of consumption. This is an area where you’ll want to invest in expert help to get professional-level results.

This is why we founded Dolce Foglia—to assist businesses in the emerging cannabis market to create superior products for their customers. Our decades of experience in flavoring all kinds of consumer products are at your service. We use only the highest quality ingredients accepted as safe for consumption to craft our custom flavorings. We’re not happy until your product lives up to your expectations, which is why we work with you hand in hand from start to finish to ensure your satisfaction. To find out more about how Dolce Foglia can help your brand stand out from the crowd, contact us today.

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