Flavor Use Rate in CBD

Flavor Use Rate in CBD

With the increase in CBD usage, flavoring has become an essential part of the process. Not only does it make CBD, hemp, and even THC palatable, it also makes the different products enjoyable while offering a wide variety to both new users and those looking for a new and refreshing way to consume CBD.

While identifying flavors, the factors that are on the top of the list for consideration are quality, taste, and robustness. When you have narrowed down to that yummy flavor for your CBD product (or other use), your next question would be how far your bottle will go. With so many flavoring options out there, how do you identify a flavor with a low use rate that will stretch and go a long way while still maintaining its full-bodied, sweet original flavor? Lucky for you, we have prepared a guide to steer you in the right direction.

What is Flavor Use rate?

Use rate generally describes how much flavor concentration you will need to flavor a particular product. The use rate is usually described as a percentage. When it comes to picking a flavor to use for your CBD and other general use, you should consider its use rate. This is because it will determine whether the bottle you have purchased will be able to go a long way or if it will be over within the first few uses.

Typically, use rates range from 1%-10%. However, with the formulation of new premium brands, you could find one that requires much less for the same taste and flavor you would typically achieve at higher concentrations. We will get to that later.

First, let us discuss what you should watch out for when considering flavor levels.

General Tips on Flavor Levels

Flavor Manufacturer

Generally, flavors from a particular manufacturer will need to be mixed at similar strengths. This is because most flavor houses use the same methods to make most, if not all of their flavors. Therefore, if you find a flavor you like from one manufacturer, you will probably like other flavors from that manufacturer in the same way.

Flavor Aroma

How strong a flavor smells could be a good indication of how much of it you will need. You will probably need to add a lot of a flavor to achieve your intended goal when the aroma is weak. However, this is not cast in stone.

Change in Flavor

While mixing in your flavors, allow for steeping. To determine exactly how your end product will end up tasting, take the flavor through the whole process. This will help you determine the correct flavor concentration. Some flavor concentrates steep well and typically gets stronger and better while others may be strong at the start and fade off a little. Fruit flavors are generally more prone to fading while creamy, rich flavors tend to get stronger.

Flavor Medium

Different mediums carry flavor differently. This means that when you are considering a flavor for your product, you should factor in that the product may carry the flavor differently. Therefore, it is important to carry out a test batch.

Take Notes

 When finding the best concentration of flavor to use on your product, ensure that you note everything down for future reference. Imagine landing the ultimate flavor palate and then being unable to recreate it!

Proceed with caution!

It is always easier to rescue your mix when it is under-flavored than when it is over-flavored!

What is a Super Strength Flavor? 

Super strength flavors are premium flavors that are of high quality and are highly concentrated. They are designed to withstand both the high temperatures of processes such as gummy and candy making, as well as being great for flavoring just about anything such as frosting, beverages, and baked goods. The difference between super strength flavors and other flavors is that you require very little to achieve the juicy, full-flavored, delicious, original flavor you would only get by using a lot of a different flavor. Low-strength flavors are in the long run inefficient and non-cost effective as you will need to keep replenishing your stock.

Why Choose a Flavor with a Low Use Rate?

As we have mentioned, having a premium quality flavor with a low use rate will ensure that you can achieve great, tasty, delicious flavor with just a little of the concentrate as opposed to having to use large amounts of flavor. This is not only cost-effective; it is also easier to maintain uniform batches of product and easier to attain a signature flavor. Flavor concentrates with high use rates are not only inefficient they are also uneconomical and more prone to error.

What CBD Flavor Has the Best Use Rate?

Though there are very many flavors to choose from, few are tailor-made for CBD and even less have the desired use rate that will help you achieve your flavor goals, both in quality and taste and ultimately in cost.

The range of flavors from Dolce Foglia is not only premium, natural, bespoke, and delicious, it also boasts of an unprecedented low use rate of 0.1%-05%.

What does this mean for you?

Purchasing these premium flavors made for CBD will ensure that you flavor CBD products in the most tasteful, robust, delicious way and that a little quantity purchased will go a very long way. This will ascertain that your customers can count on you to deliver luxurious quality in a sustainable way.

The flavors from Dolce Foglia range from juicy, delicious fruity flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, apple, banana, blood orange, apple, and lemon. They also include other delicious fruits, to full-bodied therapeutic ones like natural lavender, spicy ones like habanero and ginger, and cocktail flavors such as natural cognac.

Flavors from Dolce Foglia are processed in the United States with raw ingredients which are FDA FEMA GRAS approved and are sourced globally with very stringent measures. The flavors are premium and high-end and tailor-made for your specific needs. Not only are they suitable for CBD, but they are also great for your everyday flavor needs.

Should You Consider the Use Rate When Choosing CBD Flavor?

Absolutely! This single factor can save you lots of money in the long run. Not only will you be able to save a lot by purchasing a flavor with a low use rate, but you will also be able to turn out rich, flavorful, delicious even batches of product. So go on, get some low use rate flavor today!