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Double Your Pleasure
08 Sep

Double Your Pleasure

Double your pleasure…if your brain followed this up with “double your fun” you’ve either been listening to jingle’s from Wrigley’s doublemint chewing gum, or maybe you even heard bad boy rapper Chris Brown belt it out. (He got it from Wrigley) Either way, the idea is same –

At Dolce Foglia, we agree, you can increase your possibilities with just a little gum. But where did this enjoyment originate and how can we increase your’s? 

Gum goes back as far as people in caves chewing on birch bark tar. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way baby! Later on, trees, grass and other plants provided something to chew on! 

There is evidence that the Aztecs and Maya chewed chicle and the Native Americans of North America chewed Spruce resin, both derived from trees. These may be the roots of gum, but Dolce Foglia has elevated the experience. 

We know John Curtis is credited with the first chewing gum factory in North America, though apparently the taste left something to be desired. Along came Thomas Adams, who acquired chicle from the exiled Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. It is known that by the late 1880s, Adams was making gum and selling it across the country. 

And then there was Wrigley. It’s a name that is synonymous with chewing gum. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an American not familiar with the company and its product. So what do Dolce Foglia and Wrigley have in common? Great taste! While the gum magnate may have begun by sending their gum as a promotional item, the late William Wrigley knew as it gained popularity that the way to inch out the competition was with taste. We agree! Dolce Foglia flavored gum will bring you hours of pleasure. Who knows, it may not just be double, but quadruple, which is just one more chapter for chewing on.


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