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Crave-able Flavors – Become a Flavor Craver!
31 Aug

Crave-able Flavors – Become a Flavor Craver!

What do you desire, want, hope for, hanker after, wish for, pant for, pine for. lust after, or covet, or in other words, CRAVE! Say the word cravings and it might conjure up the image of a woman, nine months pregnant, jonesing for pickles and ice cream. This is, of course, a stereotype. The fact is we all have cravings. Haven’t you turned to your spouse, partner, family, friend, even yourself, and asked, “what do you feel like for dinner?” At Dolce Foglia we know your cravings will come and go and will be varied. This is why we offer 27 flavors in our catalog, and customize flavors for those of you seeking a unique product. 

It’s our business to know the most crave-able flavors. And we can tell you definitively that tangerine with its freshness, plus tangy sweetness, flies off the shelf. Watermelon is another top choice among those who have come to crave the summer fruit flavor. 

Well, and if we didn’t address chocolate cravings, we’d be remiss. It’s a real thing. Our milk chocolate flavor does melt in your mouth allowing you to taste and savor the ooey, gooey, goodness without any bitterness. 

Whether it’s gummies, other edibles, baked goods, vape products, or pre-rolls, our flavors, once you have had them, create cravings, which will be sought again and again. 

Dolce Foglia has crave-able flavors that will tickle your fancy. Find them today and become a 



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