artificial strawberry flavor

The difference between strawberry emulsion, concentrate, extract, and flavoring oil

Strawberry is a deliciously mouth-watering flavor that always brings a smile onto the consumers face as soon as they bite into the succulent berry. However, what most consumers don't know when they are eating a strawberry candy, drinking a strawberry beverage or eating strawberry flavored chocolate is that base in which that strawberry was created.

In this article, we are going to do a deep-dive into the four variations that strawberry flavor typically comes in before being added to a final product. 

The most commonly known strawberry version that consumers know is strawberry extract

artificial strawberry flavor

What is strawberry extract?

Strawberry extract is a strawberry flavor put into a bottle that contains a few other ingredients such as, strawberries, alcohol, and water. Each brand has their own general make up and strawberry type that they like to use that provides their own brand of strawberry flavor. 

What is strawberry extract used for?

 Most extracts are fairly versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. For example, strawberry extracts can be used for drinks, dishes, baked goods and others. Strawberry extract for baking cookies, cakes, muffins, and breads are commonly used purposes of the liquid strawberry flavor.

What should strawberry extract not be used for?

Strawberry extract, if it contains alcohol, should not be used for chocolate since the alcohol content can cause the strawberry to seize up.  

strawberry flavor extract

What is strawberry flavoring oil?

Strawberry flavoring oils are specifically formulated to be safe for use within cosmetic and food products. Since strawberry flavoring is oil soluble, it makes sense that is homogenizes within oil based products. For example, strawberry flavoring oil goes very well into lip balms, lip gloss, baked goods, candles, gummies, chocolate, rock candy and hard candies.

Strawberry flavoring oil can be made in a variety of forms as well such as artificial strawberry, natural strawberry flavor, and organic strawberry. 

Expert Tip:

Strawberry flavoring oil can also be synonymous with hard candy flavoring oil, chocolate flavoring oil and rock candy flavoring oil.  

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What should strawberry flavoring oil not be used for?

Strawberry flavoring oil should not be used for water based application like beverages, jams, whipped cream and others. 

What is strawberry concentrate?

Strawberry concentrate is effectively strawberry juice which has been heated to remove a proportion of the fruit's water content. Increased in strength but reduced in volume, it can be transported cost-effectively before the water is re-added at the final processing point to create strawberry juice from concentrate.

strawberry emulsion

What is strawberry emulsion?

Strawberry flavor emulsions are similar to strawberry extracts, however they differ in base such that emulsions are based in water and not in alcohol like extracts. Since emulsions do not contain alcohol, they are superior to extracts when it comes to high heat stability and won't bake out like an extract would. 

However, when comparing strawberry emulsions to strawberry flavoring oil, strawberry flavoring oil tends to be the preferred method of flavoring since it is also high heat stable as an emulsion is but has a more complex and palatable flavor. 

strawberry candy flavoring oil

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