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by | | July 19 2022
Oil Soluble Flavors Do's and Don'ts

Oil Soluble Flavors Do's and Don'ts

When it comes to food flavorings, it's super easy to get confused as to which flavors can be used for varying applications. Here, at Dolce Foglia, we specialize in creating oil soluble flavorings in an wide-array of flavor options and sizes. In this article, we are going to discuss the do's and don'ts on how to use food flavoring oils. 

What are the different names for oil soluble flavorings?

  1. Food flavoring oils
  2. Candy flavoring oils
  3. Lip Balm flavoring oils
  4. Chocolate flavoring oils
  5. Oil soluble flavorings
  6. Edible flavor oils
  7. Flavor oils
  8. Flavour oils (this spelling of flavour is typically used outside of the US - but, it means the same thing as flavor). 
Chocolate flavoring oils

Is there a difference between extracts and flavor oils?

Flavor oils are typically created with FEMA GRAS approved flavor ingredients that are safe for consumption and that can be synthetically, naturally or organically derived and mixed together to develop a complex flavor profile. 

Most flavor oils don't contain any alcohol which makes them very suitable for chocolate making since alcohol causes chocolate to seize up. 

Extracts, on the other hand, go through a long process of extraction often by using solvents such as, ethanol or alcohol. 

Is there a difference between extracts and flavor oils?

The Dos:

  • Use sparingly
  • Works well with the following applications: Baking, lip balms, lip gloss, gummie's, hard candies, cookies, ice cream, pancakes, olive oil, pastas, salad dressings & cakes. 
  • Measure the amount used
  • Experiment with use rates

The Don'ts:

  • Do not drink from bottle or isolated
  • Don't not measure
Edible flavor oils

Dolce Foglia Flavor Benefits:

  • Potent and powerful scent and flavor
  • Made in America
  • Family owned and operated
  • Unsweetened
  • Keto

What sizes do Dolce Foglia's flavor oils come in?

The flavors are sold both on our website, dolcefoglia.com and amazon.com. 

We offer the following sizes: 2 Oz., 8 Oz. 1 Gallon and up if you have a business account with us. We do offer bundles as well at a discounted price for our more ambitious and creative bakers and gummy makers. 

What acids should I pair with my flavor oils?

What acids should I pair with my flavor oils?

The beauty of cooking is that is really is up to the chef/cook to play with the different acids and varying levels of acid use with your flavors of choice. 

For example, citrus flavors such as, lemon, lime and orange work very well with citric acid. 

Whereas, flavors like grape and passion fruit pair well with tartaric acid or as apple matches well with malic acid. 

Knowing what flavor pairs well with what acid can make or break your final product. Please read deeper into this article that takes a deeper dive into acids to discover what acids you should be using.  

Shop now at our store, Dolcefoglia.com and purchase our flavoring oils and pair it with our proprietary acid mixture, citrus flavor intensifier

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