Today we’d like to introduce you to Joshua, Levi and Stephen Cobos.

Dolce Foglia, your Flavor Experts from Start to Finish. Meet Dolce Foglia, a family-owned and -operated business with over 45 years of experience in the flavor, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

DF is a full-service, concierge flavor house that focuses on enhanced flavor for the cannabis industry for all THC and CBD products. DF is one of the few flavor houses that creates and manufactures all their own flavors. The next unique, signature flavor for leading-edge product providers of savory snacks, bakery, confectionary, beverages, edibles and much much more, their passion is partnering with companies to develop delicious, one-of-a-kind flavor profiles for all their cannabis and CBD products.

“We work with our clients every step of the way to determine what they need, whether they choose one of our ready-made flavors or opt to have us craft a unique blend, providing training and instruction on the most effective use of our flavorings,” Dolce Foglia explains.

“We’ll be with you every step of the way, from the first moment of inspiration until your product hits the shelves, to ensure that the result lives up to your expectations.”

Dolce Foglia is a full-service flavor house catering to the growing food and beverage industries. Focusing on established brands as well as entrepreneurs just starting out, they create the finest flavors with great depth, aroma, and multiple top notes that will make your products that much better!

Dolce Foglia provides complete flavoring and product consultation services to businesses. The team behind the company helps you create superior products that capture market share and build your own brand alongside theirs. With an expert team of food scientists, pastry chefs, confectionists, and flavorists behind Dolce Foglia, they design and develop unforgettable products limited only by your imagination.

“Quality Without Compromise”

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Everything lol The main obstacles were understanding the flavor industry and then learning how to work with cannabis clients in different states with the different regulations. As a family, we enjoy a good challenge so we’ve come a long way since and have been proficient in executing delicious edibles from hard candy’s, gummy’s, chewing gum and much more.

Also, learning the regulations for flavor manufacturing was a big obstacle because all the regulations regarding food and safety hazards has been a big obstacle to overcome. While also finding out how few actual flavor manufacturers are out, there was surprising.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Dolce Foglia – what should we know?
While other companies have diversified by experimenting with food and beverage flavoring, DF focuses on manufacturing the next unique signature flavor for leading-edge product providers. We work with our clients every step of the way to determine what they need, whether they choose one of our ready-made flavors or opt to have us craft a unique blend, and provide training and instruction on the most effective and safe use of our flavorings. We’ll be with you step by step from the first moment of inspiration until your product hits the shelves to ensure that the result lives up to your expectations.

Dolce Foglia provides complete flavoring and product consultation services to businesses. We help you create superior products that capture market share and build your brand. With our expert team of food scientists, pastry chefs, and flavorists, we design and develop unforgettable products limited only by your imagination.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Making a delicious product and being able to help the brands we work with accelerate their product into the market.

Crafting unique crave-able flavors, capturing repeat customers.

Brainstorming with clients on seasonal flavors to help push more products out the door.

Being there every step of the way so that they’re proud of the product that’s coming into the market.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 5242 San Fernando Road Glendale CA 91203
  • Website:
  • Phone: 8182302884
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @dolcefoglia


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Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Joshua Cobos, Chief Operating Officer of Dolce Foglia


Can you share with us the story about what brought you to this specific career path?

We come from a pharmaceutical background with multiple pharmacies in Southern California. We produced the bulk of the medications we dispensed to all 26 states we were licensed to service. A few years ago we were asked to make a supplement energy drink for a client in China. Our beverage manufacturer was having issues with executing our flavor, so we reached out to an old family friend, Ed Vanderloo, who has been a professional flavorist for the past 45 years. Ed has worked with many renowned companies, such as International Flavor House & Fragrances, Sanofi, Pepsi Co, Pfizer and Dupont, and he personally holds two international patents for natural sweeteners. So, we sent Ed our supplement drink unflavored and he created the signature blueberry flavor that our client fell in love with.

Fast forward to 2018, there was an opioid crisis and we wanted to get out of the pharmaceutical industry. We wanted to follow a more homeopathic way of treating people’s ailments, thus entering the cannabis industry. After brainstorming many unique business ideas, we decided to get into the niche market of flavoring oils for THC. We wanted to create flavors that were powerful enough to mask the smell and taste of THC. We decided to reconnect with Ed, and asked him how we could achieve this goal. Since Ed had never smoked or consumed cannabis, it was definitely a challenge for him. But, he was excited about the challenge and couldn’t wait to get started! We flew Ed out from New Jersey to Los Angeles and spent the next couple weeks testing his flavors with our products. It was a huge success and Dolce Foglia was officially born.

We had successfully hit the target and nailed the exact flavors we needed to make this venture work. We even went as far as flavoring edibles up to 50mg per piece and our flavors were still able to mask the taste of the THC. That’s when it finally hit us that we were onto something great and couldn’t wait to share it with the cannabis and CBD industries.

We spent the last year building and testing our flavor library of both oil and water-soluble flavors and officially launched March 2020, the exact month COVID-19 became more prevalent. As discouraging as it was to begin with, it actually ended up working to our benefit with having ample time to work with manufacturers and testing our flavors with their products.

We wanted our company name to be unique and to stand out from competitors, so we decided on the name Dolce Foglia, which means “sweet leaf” in Italian.

Our team consists of myself, my two brothers, Max & Levi, my dad, Stephen, as well as Ed, our senior flavorist, and Fabio, our chief of treasury officer.


Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company?

After visiting a few manufacturers and working with their staff and incorporating our flavors into their products, their factories ended up smelling like candy factories. This happened because we have higher quality flavors than our competitors, with a stronger smell and flavor from the moment you open up the package, to the first time tasting it.


Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

When Ed got to LA, we spent the first day testing products. Before we knew it, we were all extremely high. Just goes to show how effective our flavors are in masking THC. The lesson is only try one product at a time and wait in between tasting sessions! lol


Are you working on any exciting projects now?

Yes – we were actually just recently approached by a large manufacturer that isn’t currently in the edible business, but we gave them commercial grade samples to taste and that quickly changed. They loved the flavor – they noted that they typically hate edibles because of the taste, but that was not the case with ours. This first impression led to him asking us to help him with formulation, production and best-selling flavors for this company. We are very excited to help accelerate the learning curve and help take him to market with a product he feels proud of.


None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

Because we are a family owned business, we have all worked very closely through and through. We are constantly strategizing together and working on ways to build the brand together. We’ve learned to respect one another’s boundaries and roles/duties, thus being able to efficiently move forward and take on anything as a unit.


This industry is young, dynamic, and creative. Do you use any clever and innovative marketing strategies that you think large legacy companies should consider adopting?

We choose to focus on long term and repeat customers. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most – our customers happiness with our service and quality. Our customers’ success is our success, so we go into every project with the same hard working and determined mentality, no matter how big or small the client is. Every customer is valuable.


Can you share 3 things that most excite you about the Cannabis industry? Can you share 3 things that most concern you?


  1. We can be pioneers of this market and help brands large and small.
  2. That we are the only flavor house that focuses on just cannabis and CBD products.
  3. Because we’re a flavor house and not first handedly working with cannabis, we don’t have borders that limit our reach. This means we have the ability to do business all over with exclusive formulas, and proprietary blends.


  1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google have all openly stated that they will not allow any marijuana-related advertisements. That means no ancillary, or brands can be openly doing it. There are limited amounts of ways to get my brand name out there, and something like this blog is one of those ways. But luckily, a good product speaks for itself.
  2. Uncertainty about the future of the industry. Even with the wave of support towards the goal of legalization, there is considerable opposition rushing to meet it. But I’m an optimist, and always up for a good challenge.
  3. This industry has a very high entry cost – not only are taxes and licensing eating away at your profit, you also have to put money into experimenting with product, mainly though machinery and equipment. It’s also not always easy to find the right scientists to work with to ultimately bring your vision to fruition. That’s where we come in with our proven formulas, knowledge of equipment (production), and proprietary blends of flavors.


Can you share your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Leading a Cannabis Business”? Please share a story or example for each.

  1. Which edible category has the best return on investment?
  2. Start with the flavor and quality, then move to branding/marketing. You want to make sure your branding reflects your excitement in the product effectively.
  3. Stay ahead on trending flavors. For example, today’s trending flavor is pineapple habanero. (information found on
  4. Be more aware of seasonal flavors and stock accordingly.
  5. Take every meeting because you never know what will come of it.


What advice would you give to other CEOs or founders to help their employees to thrive?

Find employees that are as passionate as you are. You need to find people that love what they do and allow them to open their minds and feel comfortable to share new ideas and new methods to create the best possible products for your company. By getting your employees excited about the product by listening to the people that help in production and considering their advice. Your employees are an extension of yourself so spend the time and effort to find the most passionate and caring of people. We believe in investing in training and education to constantly stay ahead of the competition. You’d be surprised at the new kinds of products that arise from training your employees.


You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

The biggest issue that our country is facing and that’s the opioid epidemic it’s scary how addicting opioids can be and how opioids basically kills your organs from the inside. My idea would be to have a fund to research the use of natural medications such as cannabis and cbd to take the place of opioids. As a family we’ve actually already invested in a cbd company called RED Pill. One of our close friends Gregory S. Smith, M.D. (Pain management Physician) launched it a couple years ago. Dr. Smith’s specialty is pain management and detoxing patients that were addicted to opioids. As we are, Dr. Smith is passionate about his desire to replace opioid use with cbd and other cannabinoid products.


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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Just saying pumpkin spice these days elicits a response. Depending on the person, the reaction varies. No matter what the effect is, ever since Starbucks started selling pumpkin spice lattes those two words used in the same sentence means the onset of fall. It is a signal of the changing seasons. At Dolce Foglia, we recognize  it may evoke feelings of nostalgia and the coming of the holidays. Given how pumpkin spice has seeped into our national consciousness and has become synonymous with autumn, we thought we’d take a closer look at what pumpkin spice means along with other spices that may arouse those feelings of fall. 

Let’s tackle pumpkin spice, first though… Most of us only associate it with the latte as already mentioned, but the truth is, pumpkin spice made its appearance much earlier on the scene in the 20th century. However, origins of pumpkin spice can be traced all the way back to Indonesia 3,500 years ago. Yes, it seems that the combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves has been around since ancient times. Given that Nielsen reports relay approximately a half billion pumpkin flavored products sold last year in the United States, paying attention to the trend seems necessary.  

Cinnamon seems to be another flavor connected to autumn. Even though Americans are no stranger to the cinnamon bun consumed for decades before any of these spices made it to the front of grocery shelves or food chains, we do know that cinnamon, the spice, has some health benefits. It is known for aiding the reduction of inflammation. So, when in doubt, add the cinnamon! 

Another holiday special includes gingerbread. Who doesn’t think of cute little gingerbread structures with candy adorned accoutrements and associate it with the holidays? We love the combination of ginger, molasses and honey, known as gingerbread, so much that we have created everything from little figures with frosted and candied smiles to breads and beverages. Go ahead and say “gingerbread” and the meaning is clear, the holidays are here! 

So, celebrate with spices as the seasons change and we welcome holidays that hopefully bring laughter and joy. Whether it is pumpkin spice, cinnamon on its own or gingerbread, Dolce Foglia knows that spices complement our lives, meaning the old Mother Goose rhyme had it right; it is everything nice!


The Sweet Life

For as long as humans have been roaming the Earth, they have been craving something sweet. Certainly in those hunter-gatherer days, it was derived from the natural sweetness of berries. As time progressed, we got inventive and creative about how to develop a little sweetness in our lives. We’ve learned a lot along the way. Dolce Foglia knows there is a need for something sweet, but we are determined to bring it to you in the most natural way possible. 

A brief  history of sugar. Our ancestors looked to the bees (honey) and trees for their fix of the sweet life.  It was agave, maple and fruits that gave them satisfaction. Yet, they kept working until finally sugar arrived on the scene…

Refined sugar was first invented in India. Though, it seems that the minute it was introduced, various societies jumped on the bandwagon. There is evidence of refined sugar being brought to different regions as trade routes, conquering nations and crusades occurred, so did sugar’s expansion.

Let’s fast forward though, to our present where we know that refined sugar doesn’t really benefit us. In fact, we know it can be like dancing with the devil. You get a little taste, and you want more. Though there is still an abundance of artificial sweeteners out there, we know that refined sugar and the substitutes for them are not beneficial, in fact they impair our health. Therefore, our commitment at Dolce Foglia to bring you the sweetness in the most natural way possible is something we proudly stand by. 


Just like our ancestors found natural ways to sweeten, we have too! Using only natural ingredients, Dolce Foglia brings you the sweet, but not the sour, unhealthy side effects.  


Double Your Pleasure

Double your pleasure…if your brain followed this up with “double your fun” you’ve either been listening to jingle’s from Wrigley’s doublemint chewing gum, or maybe you even heard bad boy rapper Chris Brown belt it out. (He got it from Wrigley) Either way, the idea is same –

At Dolce Foglia, we agree, you can increase your possibilities with just a little gum. But where did this enjoyment originate and how can we increase your’s? 

Gum goes back as far as people in caves chewing on birch bark tar. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way baby! Later on, trees, grass and other plants provided something to chew on! 

There is evidence that the Aztecs and Maya chewed chicle and the Native Americans of North America chewed Spruce resin, both derived from trees. These may be the roots of gum, but Dolce Foglia has elevated the experience. 

We know John Curtis is credited with the first chewing gum factory in North America, though apparently the taste left something to be desired. Along came Thomas Adams, who acquired chicle from the exiled Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. It is known that by the late 1880s, Adams was making gum and selling it across the country. 

And then there was Wrigley. It’s a name that is synonymous with chewing gum. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an American not familiar with the company and its product. So what do Dolce Foglia and Wrigley have in common? Great taste! While the gum magnate may have begun by sending their gum as a promotional item, the late William Wrigley knew as it gained popularity that the way to inch out the competition was with taste. We agree! Dolce Foglia flavored gum will bring you hours of pleasure. Who knows, it may not just be double, but quadruple, which is just one more chapter for chewing on.


Tasty Edibles

Crave-able Flavors – Become a Flavor Craver!

What do you desire, want, hope for, hanker after, wish for, pant for, pine for. lust after, or covet, or in other words, CRAVE! Say the word cravings and it might conjure up the image of a woman, nine months pregnant, jonesing for pickles and ice cream. This is, of course, a stereotype. The fact is we all have cravings. Haven’t you turned to your spouse, partner, family, friend, even yourself, and asked, “what do you feel like for dinner?” At Dolce Foglia we know your cravings will come and go and will be varied. This is why we offer 27 flavors in our catalog, and customize flavors for those of you seeking a unique product. 

It’s our business to know the most crave-able flavors. And we can tell you definitively that tangerine with its freshness, plus tangy sweetness, flies off the shelf. Watermelon is another top choice among those who have come to crave the summer fruit flavor. 

Well, and if we didn’t address chocolate cravings, we’d be remiss. It’s a real thing. Our milk chocolate flavor does melt in your mouth allowing you to taste and savor the ooey, gooey, goodness without any bitterness. 

Whether it’s gummies, other edibles, baked goods, vape products, or pre-rolls, our flavors, once you have had them, create cravings, which will be sought again and again. 

Dolce Foglia has crave-able flavors that will tickle your fancy. Find them today and become a 



It’s elementary, dear Watson.

Ah, the words uttered  by the infamous, fictitious detective created by the English author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When he said these words, it generally indicated there was some information he had surmised regarding a mystery he was solving.

Well, at Dolce Foglia, we would like you to know elevating your sales, is no mystery to us.

The name of the game is volume. We know turning a flavorless product into a hot seller will mean volume sales for you. 

Another way to raise your revenue, is to take Dolce Foglia’s product across categories. 

Let’s take tangerine, for example, which can be used for hard candy, gummies, and gum. This will also increase your bottom line as our flavoring can be bought in bulk and used in a variety of products. 

Dolce Foglia uses a precise, exact formula to achieve our acclaimed flavor. Or, perhaps as Sherlock Holmes may have said, “You know my methods, Watson.” We use the same formula each time to achieve great taste, something we believe Mr. Holmes would applaud as once you have successfully created a route to whatever you are looking to solve, it is important to use the same methods. 

So, when the Dolce Foglia team puts an order into action it’s using a tried and true recipe, including timing and temperature. In other words, we know that formula + systems = success. We have to think that one of the most famous duos of all time, would say to this, 

It is indeed elementary! 


The Candy Man Can

We are the music makers, the dreamers of dreams… Recognizable words said by the most famous of confectioner’s, Willy Wonka. What would the fictional character say if we told him today we have elevated candy to a whole new level – the world of edibles?

Sometimes we don’t know which way to go. We come to a crossroads of sorts. It can happen in any aspect of your life, but let’s say your dilemma is which to sell –  gummies or hard candy? 

At Dolce Foglia, we know with the popularity of our watermelon, mango, pineapple habanero, and strawberry, plus the plethora of our other flavored gummies you cannot go wrong. 

However, what if you lean towards hard candy? Dolce Foglia has you covered with the overwhelmingly popular tangerine, pineapple and passion fruit, which all create memorable taste for your enjoyment. Imagine, you pop one in and the taste of tangerine starts to seep into your mouth. It’s tangy and sweet. Pineapple and passion fruit are also the “go to” flavor for so many customers.

We can’t be sure what Willy Wonka would say given all of the choices, but we imagine he would enthusiastically embrace this new consumption of candies and perhaps he’d say, there is no life to compare with pure imagination, another one of his famous quotes. As you consider which way to go, our advice is dare to imagine and dream – then know you can become one of the music makers, the makers of dreams. 


Make a Customer Not a Sale

“Make a customer, not a sale.” (Katherine Barchetti-famous Pittsburgh retailer) Good businesses know the importance of this simple quote. Dolce Foglia, not only knows how crucial this is, we can help you grow your return customers into repeat ones, and ultimately into loyal customers. 

With Dolce Foglia’s flavoring, we can bring you the loyal customers who will go where your products are; they seek brand loyalty, your brand! How do we know this? Our customers are reporting that products flavored with Dolce Foglia are being sought at the dispensaries by 3rd, 4th and beyond customers. They have tasted the difference and they are not only repeat customers, they are return ones. 

There is an old expression, You can put a pig in a tuxedo, but it is still a pig. We see this as the fancy marketing some products are using, but in the end, it is about the quality of the product inside. When using a quality product like Dolce Foglia flavoring, it won’t be dressing a pig in the tuxedo, but rather James Bond showing up dashing; the whole package. 

When flavoring gum, hard candies, gummies, beverages, Dolce Foglia has the formulas that will produce a loyalty strong enough to seek your product out. This means, a customer searching for your product will not settle for another one; they will keep looking until they find yours!

Brand loyalty can also come in the form of word of mouth. We all know the power of this as we have probably experienced it ourselves. Whether it’s a gathering of friends, or family, the mention of a quality product is an endorsement. We trust our friends and family, in particular if we consider them to be like-minded. If they recommend a product, your product with Dolce Foglia flavoring, the likelihood is great that the customer will seek it out. Once they try it, they will want to return. 

Trust is another factor customers are displaying when they seek your product with our flavoring over and over again. They trust that when they purchase the product, it will be the same. Dolce Foglia has a precise formula, which we employ ensuring that the customer will not be disappointed. We do not betray that trust, we cultivate it. 

Expensive marketing may bring you a sale, but you need to ask yourself if you are building brand loyalty with quality, creating repeat customers who will happily spread the word, bringing you true customers, not just a sale. 


Less is More

Less is more. Dolce Foglia wants to bring you more, by using less. What do we mean? If you are in the cannabis space, you are more than likely all too aware of 280E, the law that mandates those businesses engaged in this arena must pay taxes on all of their revenue, without being able to deduct typical business expenses. Anyone who has owned a business will tell you that is a hard pill to swallow. So the question becomes, how to maintain profitably without the benefit of write-offs? It is all about the margins. Dolce Foglia, is so potent that when you are seeking flavoring, our product can help you achieve in this column.

Cannabis Flavors

Imagine using four or eight times less product! It’s all about the numbers, and we can bring you better ones for your margins. 

Who doesn’t want more money in their pocket? Dolce Foglia is a world-class product that still gives you the best flavoring for less money because you just do not need to use as much.

Don’t forget about Dolce Foglia’s concierge service, where you can even handpick flavors for your product as you save money, which is why Dolce Foglia really does bring you more by using less!