Flavor Use Rate in CBD

Flavor Use Rate in CBD

With the increase in CBD usage, flavoring has become an essential part of the process. Not only does it make CBD, hemp, and even THC palatable, it also makes the different products enjoyable while offering a wide variety to both new users and those looking for a new and refreshing way to consume CBD.

While identifying flavors, the factors that are on the top of the list for consideration are quality, taste, and robustness. When you have narrowed down to that yummy flavor for your CBD product (or other use), your next question would be how far your bottle will go. With so many flavoring options out there, how do you identify a flavor with a low use rate that will stretch and go a long way while still maintaining its full-bodied, sweet original flavor? Lucky for you, we have prepared a guide to steer you in the right direction.

What is Flavor Use rate?

Use rate generally describes how much flavor concentration you will need to flavor a particular product. The use rate is usually described as a percentage. When it comes to picking a flavor to use for your CBD and other general use, you should consider its use rate. This is because it will determine whether the bottle you have purchased will be able to go a long way or if it will be over within the first few uses.

Typically, use rates range from 1%-10%. However, with the formulation of new premium brands, you could find one that requires much less for the same taste and flavor you would typically achieve at higher concentrations. We will get to that later.

First, let us discuss what you should watch out for when considering flavor levels.

General Tips on Flavor Levels

Flavor Manufacturer

Generally, flavors from a particular manufacturer will need to be mixed at similar strengths. This is because most flavor houses use the same methods to make most, if not all of their flavors. Therefore, if you find a flavor you like from one manufacturer, you will probably like other flavors from that manufacturer in the same way.

Flavor Aroma

How strong a flavor smells could be a good indication of how much of it you will need. You will probably need to add a lot of a flavor to achieve your intended goal when the aroma is weak. However, this is not cast in stone.

Change in Flavor

While mixing in your flavors, allow for steeping. To determine exactly how your end product will end up tasting, take the flavor through the whole process. This will help you determine the correct flavor concentration. Some flavor concentrates steep well and typically gets stronger and better while others may be strong at the start and fade off a little. Fruit flavors are generally more prone to fading while creamy, rich flavors tend to get stronger.

Flavor Medium

Different mediums carry flavor differently. This means that when you are considering a flavor for your product, you should factor in that the product may carry the flavor differently. Therefore, it is important to carry out a test batch.

Take Notes

 When finding the best concentration of flavor to use on your product, ensure that you note everything down for future reference. Imagine landing the ultimate flavor palate and then being unable to recreate it!

Proceed with caution!

It is always easier to rescue your mix when it is under-flavored than when it is over-flavored!

What is a Super Strength Flavor? 

Super strength flavors are premium flavors that are of high quality and are highly concentrated. They are designed to withstand both the high temperatures of processes such as gummy and candy making, as well as being great for flavoring just about anything such as frosting, beverages, and baked goods. The difference between super strength flavors and other flavors is that you require very little to achieve the juicy, full-flavored, delicious, original flavor you would only get by using a lot of a different flavor. Low-strength flavors are in the long run inefficient and non-cost effective as you will need to keep replenishing your stock.

Why Choose a Flavor with a Low Use Rate?

As we have mentioned, having a premium quality flavor with a low use rate will ensure that you can achieve great, tasty, delicious flavor with just a little of the concentrate as opposed to having to use large amounts of flavor. This is not only cost-effective; it is also easier to maintain uniform batches of product and easier to attain a signature flavor. Flavor concentrates with high use rates are not only inefficient they are also uneconomical and more prone to error.

What CBD Flavor Has the Best Use Rate?

Though there are very many flavors to choose from, few are tailor-made for CBD and even less have the desired use rate that will help you achieve your flavor goals, both in quality and taste and ultimately in cost.

The range of flavors from Dolce Foglia is not only premium, natural, bespoke, and delicious, it also boasts of an unprecedented low use rate of 0.1%-05%.

What does this mean for you?

Purchasing these premium flavors made for CBD will ensure that you flavor CBD products in the most tasteful, robust, delicious way and that a little quantity purchased will go a very long way. This will ascertain that your customers can count on you to deliver luxurious quality in a sustainable way.

The flavors from Dolce Foglia range from juicy, delicious fruity flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, apple, banana, blood orange, apple, and lemon. They also include other delicious fruits, to full-bodied therapeutic ones like natural lavender, spicy ones like habanero and ginger, and cocktail flavors such as natural cognac.

Flavors from Dolce Foglia are processed in the United States with raw ingredients which are FDA FEMA GRAS approved and are sourced globally with very stringent measures. The flavors are premium and high-end and tailor-made for your specific needs. Not only are they suitable for CBD, but they are also great for your everyday flavor needs.

Should You Consider the Use Rate When Choosing CBD Flavor?

Absolutely! This single factor can save you lots of money in the long run. Not only will you be able to save a lot by purchasing a flavor with a low use rate, but you will also be able to turn out rich, flavorful, delicious even batches of product. So go on, get some low use rate flavor today!  


What Flavors are the Most Popular for CBD?

What Flavors are the Most Popular for CBD?

Before getting to understand what flavors are the most popular for CBD, it is important to know a little bit about the natural flavor of hemp and cannabis.

Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and terpenes found in cannabis and hemp are growing in popularity at an exponential rate. They hold a lot of promise for health-focused and medical applications, as well as recreational products that could be an alternative to alcohol.

CBD particularly does not cause the high usually associated with cannabis, an attribute credited to THC. CBD delivers relaxing, calming effects which makes it beneficial in the reduction of anxiety, management of pain, and dealing with disorders such as insomnia.

While the use of CBD is spreading with various forms of CBD use such as tinctures, gummies, hard candy, and even beverages, the need to flavor it and blend with or mask its often undesirable grassy, earthy, dank aroma and taste has also risen.  Producers seeking to reach the mainstream consumers have taken an interest in flavoring their CBD products for a wider market range and consumer satisfaction.  

CBD Oil Flavors

Whether you are taking CBD for its relaxing qualities or for medical use, having it in a flavor you enjoy will not only improve the experience for you, it will also make you look forward to taking it. Unlike times past when the only available CBD products, especially for tinctures was the earthy, grassy taste or at best a bland taste, technology has evolved to create interesting and delicious flavors for every possible CBD product. From tinctures, and gummies, to hard candy, beverages and drops, the array is vast and thankfully now, delicious.

CBD flavors can also be used at home in shakes and baked goodies, so having that stash of your flavor is a plus in encouraging you to take your CBD. With the advancement in flavors, the popularity of CBD can only increase.

Why Flavor CBD?

CBD products such as Cannabis-infused gummies are wildly successful due to their adventurous fruity flavor profiles. While at first original flavors such as lemon, orange and apple were the only ones available, flavor trends have become exotic with fruity flavors variations such as blood orange and orange creamsicle for the plain orange flavor, and spicy blends are becoming very popular with consumers. The need to flavor CBD products and make them more appealing to a wider consumer base is one that every producer should explore.

Apart from gummies and hard candy, CBD mocktails and non-alcohol beers are also becoming another popular CBD segment. Flavors to mimic real alcoholic drinks such as malt, hops, stout, spicy ginger, pina colada, and even bourbons and mohitos make for a very enjoyable treat and are flavors consumers are catching on to.

In the beverage CBD market, many consumers look for natural and effective products. They want to feel refreshed as well as looking for a remedy for their mental and physical states. The flavors they choose often reflect these. Citrus flavors, like lemon and grapefruit as well as mint, cucumber, and watermelon are very popular. These are usually characterized as the “spa flavors” as they are very invigorating. They are also reminiscent of a healthy space such as the spa, a vacation, or a yoga session. Sipping a beverage flavored with fresh, citrusy notes transports your mind to a place of tranquility, even if you might be at work.

In the THC market however, people lean more to bolder flavors such as orange, grape, and mango. These flavors are not only “out there”, they also reflect caffeinated energy drinks. As hops are very similar to cannabis in flavor profile, there is also an overlap in that context. Cannabis drinks that give a”beer-like” experience without the alcohol are also increasing in popularity.                   

Blackberry, White Peach, Pomegranate, Red Raspberry, and other purées can also be used in pectin and fruit gummies, as well as in infusions for CBD beverages.

An even more savory flavor is the Red Jalapeno, which is a bold combination of mature jalapenos with rice vinegar and a dash of peach ginger.  

Banana Flavor for confection

Flavors For CBD

Cannabis ingredients often experience vast variations across today’s supply chain. When formulating the perfect CBD product, developers often start with a hemp/cannabis isolate, which has minimal bitter or “off notes”. They then switch to full-spectrum or broad extracts to enhance the entourage or “ensemble” effects. When these terpenes and other cannabinoids are added back, extra careful masking or even total reformulation is required to mute the undesirable notes. Flavor companies such as Dolce Foglia have successfully developed a number of masking agents to serve this purpose.

These well-formulated CBD and also THC isolates also eliminate off flavors. But because some product developers wish to offer health benefits found in a broader-spectrum cannabis extract, a higher ingredient technology level is involved.  

While off notes that are common in cannabis ingredients usually pose a challenge, a properly formulated emulsion offers a smooth solution that tastes neutral. In some cases, the characteristic aroma and flavor of cannabis are desirable. Therefore, flavor houses like Dolce Foglia seek to formulate flavor notes that complement the terpene profile of the cannabis. Complementary flavors that support the characteristics of the CBD such as citrusy or spicy extracts are very desirable in achieving this. These flavors might include hops, lemon, lime, piney citrus notes or fruit blends.

The “broad-spectrum” cannabis ingredients can be likened to single-estate or boutique gin. The flavors can either be unique and delicate, or aromatic and bold and aromatic. If the customer is accustomed to cannabis, they might enjoy the nuances. However, new consumers might take quite some getting used to hence the need to “mask” the taste.

Though cannabis naturally has some bitter notes to it, aromatic bitters may also be added for products such as cocktails. They create dimension, roundedness, and complexity in the flavor. The notes of cannabis can be used as the base to create sophisticated flavors, Cannabis has some bitter notes to it—but aromatic bitters are popular additions to cocktails, or they can be totally masked by sweet and bold flavors. The “earthiness and terpene” mixture that a broad spectrum provides can give a very “herbaceous” beverage that is reminiscent of a rosemary grapefruit cocktail—slightly bitter, bright, with a twist of botanical flavor.”

Perhaps the biggest trend right now is alcohol-free cannabis infused beverages. Stewart notes that alcohol-free beverages. Non-alcoholic beer, wine, and aperitifs are becoming all the rage. Characteristic cannabis flavors are often left to interact with items which naturally feature desirable bitterness, for example bitters, beer, and chocolate.

In savory foods, “the cannabis/hemp flavor” and aroma act as just another herbal note. It brings an intoxicating floral, herbaceous, grassy flavor to the table.

Other flavors that can be complementary as well as beneficially contrasting with the components of cannabis are:

  • Peppers, both peppercorns and chilies
  • Zingy spices such as mint, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon
  • Herbs like basil, marjoram, cilantro, oregano, sage, rosemary, and thyme
  • Smoke
  • Citrus
  • Tart flavors such as tomatoes, vinegar or hoja santa (also called Piper auritum)

Orange Creamsicle Flavor for confection

How to Select The Best CBD Flavor

When you are choosing a CBD flavor, the factors that should be at the top of your list are quality, safety, and transparency. Ensure that your flavor:

  • Is from a company which provides proof that it carries out third-party testing through an “ISO 17025”-compliant lab
  • That it passes safety checks for heavy metals, pesticides, and molds, in line with the COA
  • Is according to US standards and sources its raw materials from reputable sources
  • Its products are considered generally safe

You should also consider:

  • The companies’ certifications as well as manufacturing processes
  • product strength
  • overall ingredients
  • indicators that show whether this brand can be trusted such as :
    • customer reviews
    • Any FDA warnings or other such action
    • Whether the company makes support claims that cannot be substantiated.

When looking for a company to purchase your flavor from, find one that sources the best ingredients and uses the highest standards in their production. In order to achieve that full bodied well thought out flavor, a company needs to be committed to the CBD industry and able to listen to and fulfil your particular requirements. Dolce Foglia not only provided CBD formulated flavors, they also custom make on request to meet your individual flavor requirements. Through sensory guidance, they support their customers in finding the flavors that might best accomplish their goal. This takes a lot of dedication and experimentation.

They utilize a unique manufacturing process that enables them achieve pure production which results in very high quality flavor profiles and products. They carefully source their ingredients globally to ensure that they find the highest quality that results in the most luxuriant of flavors.

The most popular premium CBD flavors that Dolce Foglia offers are:

CBD Flavor Range

To mask the earthy or grassy taste found in many CBD tinctures and other CBD products, especially full spectrum ones, a quality well formulated flavor goes a long way. It is important that you take the time to carry our sufficient research to ensure that you purchase a well formulated, quality flavor that is suitable for your CBD product or beverage. With the wide range available, you will definitely find your sweet flavor spot!



What are Flavor Concentrates?

What are Flavor Concentrates?

In the world of flavor, natural flavor concentrates are king. Why is this? How are flavor concentrates different from flavor extracts? 

If you are looking for a way to flavor your CBD products, or simply looking for a potent flavor for your home use, join us as we outline the differences and help you find out which king of flavor is best for you!

Extracts Versus Concentrates

Flavor extracts are usually made from steeping the substance such as vanilla pods in an alcoholic concentration, which then slowly pulls out the flavor from the substance. Even in instances where the flavor is not extracted with alcohol, the flavor extract is usually added to an alcohol concentration to make it water soluble. This process usually ends up in the concentrate losing terpenes, bitter notes and waxes. While this might be beneficial for some uses such as making beverages, extracts are unable to withstand high temperatures for extended periods of time as well as being less potent because of the loss of some of their terpene profile.

Concentrates (also called emulsions) on the other hand are made by emulsifying the extracted oils instead of dissolving them in an alcoholic base. Gum (gum Arabic or gum acacia) is usually used to emulsify the oil extracts, binding the characteristics (taste, terpenes, wax) of the source substance such as orange to the gum and availing it for use later.

The bonded emulsion is hard to break and can withstand the high temperatures of baking or manufacturing without evaporating and becoming less potent. Emulsions are also able to freeze and defrost without getting denatured which is not the case with concentrates. This makes them ideal for making ice-cream and other frozen goodies.

Concentrates are able to retain their flavor and maintain the character of the source substance for example the lemon or strawberry through very stringent conditions.

Flavor Concentrates are usually sourced from some of the most prestigious flavor houses all over the world.

Characteristics or flavor concentrates are:

– They are highly concentrated

– They have a similar concentration to Extracts

– They are usually liquid

– They contain no added sugars or sweeteners

– They are water-based

– They are high heat stable

– They appear slightly cloudy (But when used in small ratios, they don’t show)


Ingredients: Flavor concentrates are usually made of gum acacia/Arabic, natural or organic flavors, and citric acid.  

Important note: Flavor concentrates should be stored immediately upon receipt in a tightly sealed container and at temperatures not greater than 35 – 40 Fahrenheit.

Stored correctly, flavor concentrate can be stable for even up to 2 years.

Best Uses For Flavor Concentrates

As we have mentioned flavor concentrates are the most ardent and versatile of flavors. Because if their versatility, they can be used in:

  • Syrups
  • Ice Cream
  • Baked goods
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD sweets
  • Yogurt
  • Beverages
  • & much, much, more!

Do Flavor Concentrates Go Bad?

As we have mentioned, it is best to store flavor concentrates in the refrigerator immediately upon receipt.

That said, not all flavor concentrates can be lumped into one group as their individual characteristics will differ according to the type of the concentrate. Some concentrates such as vanilla will have different storage capabilities in comparison to fruit concentrates. The reason concentrates such as vanilla and caramel flavors tend to go bad slower than fruit concentrates is that they have larger molecules like ethyl vanillin, vanillin and so on which are not very volatile and tend not to escape when the container is opened. This makes them fairly stable.

Fruit flavors on the other hand generally contain much smaller molecules. Whenever you open the bottle, the first molecules to escape and hit your nose are the smallest ones. The more you open the bottle, the more the molecules escape leaving behind a shell of the original flavor.  The escaped flavor does not mean that what is left behind is spoilt, just less potent.

A great piece of advice is to store your flavor concentrates in smaller bottles. This will mean that you don’t have to open the bottle too often before the flavor is over. Also, you will find that if you open a bottle on a hot summer day, even more molecules escape than if the flavor was cooled. This is why it is advisable to store it in the refrigerator. This concept holds true for all liquids. When liquids are heated, their molecules get converted into a gaseous state. Though you don’t necessarily have to refrigerate your flavor, ensure that it is kept cool.

In the same vein, ensure that you do not store your concentrated flavors long term in soft (LDPE) plastic.

How To Make Flavor Concentrates

Flavor concentrates are made by extracting the oils that contain the flavor out of the source substance for example an orange or apple. These are then emulsified into a gum, usually gum acacia or gum Arabic to make a flavor concentration that retains most of the terpenes and oils, can withstand heat, and is more stable than normal flavor extracts. Flavor concentrates also do not contain alcohol, which make them great pasteurized products and baking applications.

To make concentrates from fruit and vegetable juices, the juices go through a number of water removal steps. The first pass usually collects the volatile aromas and flavors, which are eventually added back to the final concentrate to provide the top notes of the fruit or vegetable.

Fruit and vegetable concentrates may be diluted to single-strength juices, and may even retain some antioxidants and vitamins. Some concentrates are even allowed to boast a fruit or vegetable serving claim while others are only used for their sweetness and potent flavor.

Natural Flavor Concentrates

Natural flavor concentrates are similar to flavor concentrates in that they are emulsions that hold their flavor in gum. However, natural flavor concentrates 100% from natural sources are often FEMA and GRAS certified. This means that they should not contain any harmful substance. Using natural flavor concentrates pushes the bar of flavor perfection even higher and ensures you have that fresh, just picked from the farm goodness.

Blood Orange Flavor for confection

What are Flavor Drops?

Flavor Drops are highly concentrated flavors packages as drops. Depending on your preference, you can choose how many flavor drops to add into your beverage, nutritional supplement, CBD product, or recipe. Flavor drops have a pleasant taste with no added calories, carbohydrates, fats, or sugars.

Flavor drops can also be used in baking, cooking and if you are looking for an alternative to sweetened beverages, flavor drops could just be the answer!

Though flavor drops can be used in an array of products, the most notable use is in water-enhancement. This allows consumers to customize the flavor and sweetness of their water or other liquid of choice. Some drops may even contain functional aspects such as electrolytes for hydration and caffeine for energy.

With the fast spread of the use of CBD since hemp legalization, we might even see flavor drops containing CBD. 

Because the drops tend to be highly concentrated, formulators need to take great care in ensuring that the ingredients they combine do not lead to overconsumption of the functional ingredients, even if the consumer chooses to ignore the usage instructions.

Another risk of flavor drops is that they can inadvertently be exposed to high temperatures if the consumers for example leave them sitting in a briefcase, a car console, or a purse for extended periods of time. This could lead to temperature abuse and the makeup of the drops could get altered.

So, during formulation, a formulator needs to be cognizant of all these factors that might affect the end consumers.

Vanilla Flavor for Gummies

Beverage Concentrates for Enhancing Flavor

In addition to flavor drops, or drop concentrates if you like, there are other kinds of beverage concentrates taking the market by storm. They are:

  • Ambient juice
  • Coffee and tea concentrates

These are usually premium perishable concentrates found in the refrigerated departments. These flavor products allow consumers to make their own cafe-quality beverages made to their particular taste preferences.

One such ambient concentrate that is new in the market is one from Thaiwala, Portland, Ore. This complex concentrate delivers Thai teas’ taste and aroma, almost as if you are sipping on the real thing. In the preparation of these concentrates, Thaiwala brews black tea in tiny batches and combines cane sugar, natural vanilla, Thai herbs, organic caramel, cane sugar, beta-carotene gotten from sugar (for color, and pure cocoa powder. Consumers may savor this traditional drink by adding either milk or any other dairy derivative and they may enjoy it hot or cold. It could also be poured over ice or steamed into a latte.

This is the new world of flavor concentrated; they don’t have to be just that one flavor. It can be an intricate combination of flavors that create luxury drinks you can prepare at home.

Ready-to-drink formulations: Many consumers do not want to go through the process of mixing and shaking their drinks. They therefore prefer to buy ready-to-drink beverages that have already incorporated the flavor concentrates.

If you are a manufacturer of CBD products looking for the perfect natural concentrate to flavor your products and beverages, Dolce Foglia is a GRAS certified American company that makes natural concentrated flavors that are suited for CBD, and any other use. Their flavors range from fruits such as strawberry and blood orange to cocktail flavors such as natural Cognac.



Extract versus Flavours; What is the Difference?

Extract versus Flavours; What is the Difference?

Extracts and flavors are often confused, with most people thinking they are one and the same thing as they usually achieve similar results. If you are looking for the best way to flavor your CBD products, or simply make taking CBD at home more bearable, it is important that you understand what each is, how they are arrived at, and how they will interact with your product. Join us as we dive into the intricacies of what separates them, and what is best for you!

Extract definition

An extract is an alcohol-soluble concentrated solution which contains the volatile oils, reins, and various other compounds that make up the flavor of the physical spice, nut, fruit, or herb being extracted. a concentrated solution that contains the complex, alcohol-soluble volatile oils, resins and other compounds – all the flavors – that are found in the physical herb, spice, fruit or nut being extracted.

An extract can also be described as a solution which contains the essential components that give a complex material its characteristics.  A flavor extract is one such a solution and is specifically composed of compounds which create flavors.  The most popular extract in the United States is the vanilla extract, vanillin.

An extract is a substance made by  extracting a part of a raw material, often by using a solvent such as ethanol, oil or water. Extracts may be sold as tinctures, absolutes or in powder form.

Extracts are sometimes very concentrated and potent. As per the FDA designation, an extract should contain at least 35% alcohol by volume, and an extract such as vanilla extract, which is the most popular extract in the US should contain at least 13.35% volume of the vanilla extractives.

Extracts are usually extracted from the raw materials using solvents such as ethanol, water, or oil. They may be sold as absolutes, tinctures or in powder form. Some of the most widely used extracts are vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint, pistachio, spearmint, nutmeg, orange, lemon, rum, violet, wintergreen, ginger, rose, and cloves.

Baking Flavors and Extracts 101

In some recipes, the use of a flavor extracts yields more uniform and tastier results than using the original ingredient itself. An example is using a cherry extract as opposed to cut up cherries to make pies, cakes, breads or cookies.

Some extracts used in baking come in water soluble glycerin, alcohol or water base while others like banana and anise come in an oil soluble canola base. The different extracts that can be used for baking are:

  •       Almond Extract
  •       Chocolate Extract
  •       Vanilla Extract
  •       Indonesia Vanilla Extract
  •       Papua New Guinea Vanilla Extract
  •       Almond Flavor
  •       Anise Flavor
  •       Banana Flavor
  •       Cherry Flavor
  •       Cinnamon Flavor
  •       Coconut Flavor
  •       Coffee Flavor
  •       Lemon Flavor
  •       Maple Flavor
  •       Mint Flavor
  •       Orange Flavor
  •       Peppermint Flavor
  •       Raspberry Flavor
  •       Strawberry Flavor
  •       Vanilla Flavor

Strawberry Flavor for Confection

Is Extract and Flavoring The Same Thing?

Extracts are specifically gotten from the original source. An example is the orange extract. It is the aroma of oranges extracted from the orange, first as an oil, then to make the extract water soluble; it is extracted to ethanol which is an alcohol and may be diluted by water. Extracts are most often quite concentrated and should therefore be used sparingly. Pure extracts may sometimes have a short shelf life because they are made from natural ingredients.

However, orange flavoring may not give the definition of source or concentration, unless it is specific such as natural flavors. While natural flavors may come from the orange itself, some flavors are concocted by the use of different ingredients such as cultures of fungi, or they can be completely artificial.

What Is The Difference Between Extract and Flavor Emulsion?

While extracts are usually alcohol based, emulsions are water-based and alcohol-free extractions of flavor. Emulsions are however used in the same way as extracts, and in baking, are great in flavoring frostings and other no-bake recipes that would not have the required heat to evaporate out the alcohol found in extracts.

Because they are water based, emulsions do not readily evaporate and result in more flavorful aromas and tastes.

As they have the same concentrations as extracts, emulsions can be substituted one for one in recipes.  But because they are water-based, they are not suitable for flavoring chocolates or hard candies.

Grape Flavor for confection

Can Extracts Be Used To Flavor Water?

Absolutely yes!

Whether commercially made or from mixed the comfort of your home, extracts can be used to flavor your water, especially if you want taste without added calories. Generally, a 1/8 – 1/4 teaspoon of your preferred extract to your one glass of water is ideal.

It is important to note that while using an extract to flavor your water, a fresh extract works best. Storing the extracts in the fridge will help them keep longer and avoid that “off” taste.

What Are The Different Types of Extracts?

Food extracts are usually labelled and used to add concentrated flavor to many food dishes such as baked goods and desserts without adding additional volume.

Extracts are available in different forms such as:

  •       Solid (cubes, granules or powdered)
  •       Liquid
  •       Jelled form

Extracts could also be labelled as pure, natural or artificial. “Pure and natural extracts” are most often governed by the laws of many countries which require compliance to procedures that extract the flavors directly from the named source, such as extracting vanilla oils directly from vanilla beans to make natural or pure vanilla extract.

Artificial extracts on the other hand are flavors which do not necessarily make use of any ingredients sourced directly from the original item. They instead comprise combinations of ingredients used to arrive at a “flavor” that is similar to the original substance, such as an artificial lemon extract.

As we have discussed earlier, some of the most commonly used extracts include almond, vanilla, anise, peppermint, and maple. There are also a number of solid or jelled extracts like meat demi-glaces, or chicken and beef bouillon.

To illustrate how pure and natural extracts are made, let’s consider the process of the vanilla extract. Vanilla extracts are created by soaking vanilla beans in an alcohol based and water solution for several months where it ages and the vanilla flavor is extracted from the bean. Anise extract, on the other hand, is a sweet licorice tasting flavor that is made when the oil of the anise seeds is dissolved into alcohol.

Grape extract is made to aid in the wine making process. In grape extraction, compounds from the grapes’ skin are extracted and then added to the wine to impart color, tannin, and body into the wine. This changes the characteristics of the wine quite dramatically, and the longer the wine is in contact with the skins, the more potent it becomes. If the grapes stay in contact for too long, the wine that results may end up being too potent, or what is called “over-extracted”.

In some instances, the juices of some certain fruits or vegetables can be extracted to be used as flavoring especially in the preparation of foods. For home use, common utensils can be used in this extraction.

In summary, extraction of essential oils from the original source such as fruit, blossoms, and roots, can be condensed into:

  •       Expression (juicing, pressing): This involves the physical extraction of the flavor and is used when the oil is plentiful such as on olives, citrus peels, and grapes.
  •       Absorption (steeping, decoction): This is done by soaking the source material in a solvent. Common examples are vanilla beans as well as tea leaves.
  •       Maceration: This is used to soften and degrade the source material usually by using oils such as peppermint extract or wine making processes. This then makes the extraction easier.  
  •       Distillation or separation process: This is the process often used to achieve higher concentrations of flavor. The source material is heated to a specific boiling point which allows for the collection of the flavor that is then condensed to end up with an extract such as lavender. ,

Though it would be desirable to collect the flavors of most fruits, very few give enough concentrated flavor to make the process worth the while.

Peppermint Flavor for confection

Should You Buy Flavor Versus Extract?

When it comes to specific use, for example flavoring your CBD products, a solution that is tailor made to work with your product is best. While flavor extracts are awesome and sometimes even extracted from the natural base source, natural flavors can completely work with and infuse natural flavors into hemp and CBD products.

Natural flavor concentrates are usually more concentrated and give a substance a robust full flavor experience. A little bit of natural flavor concentrate will go a long way, and though extracts also get the job done, flavor concentrates bring the experience much closer home.

It might be argued as per the FDA definition that natural flavors may have duplicitous origins. That is why it is important to purchase your flavors from reputable, US based, and GRAS certified companies, to ensure you get 100% natural flavors.  



What You Must Know Before You Buy Golden Gate Apple flavor

What You Must Know Before You Buy Golden Gate Apple flavor

Right from the Garden of Eden, apples have been an alluring temptation. The use of CBD is growing at an exponential rate not seen in other sectors. It is estimated that by the year 2027, the legal marijuana market will hit a staggering $73.6 billion. As CBD, and cannabis products in general break out of the conventional methods of consumption, the apple takes its place at the helm of flavor. Though one of the oldest, what makes the apple flavor unique and preferred by the masses?

Join us as we outline everything you need to know about this tried and tested flavor, and how you can use it for your cannabis, and other products!

Why Golden Gate Apple Flavor?

From sweet, to tart, apples have been a flavor staple since the beginning of time, as we know it. What makes the apple flavor such a favorite?

Apples are of both religious and mythological significance. From Greek, and Norse cultures, to European Christian tradition, they play a substantial role in these stories. In trying to describe the taste of apple, one would say its taste ranges from sweet aromatic to complex tarty. In a nutshell, apple tastes like……apple. What we can agree on is that it is sweet, with a tangy edge, and very juicy.

Apples are added into everything, from pies, to drinks, to sweets and even beer. This is a staple that is not going away any time soon.

Are all Apple Flavors Natural?

Unfortunately not. Flavor can be extracted, natural, or completely manufactured. Apples have been around long enough for people to develop artificial formulas that taste something like the original.

Extraction: Extracted flavors are obtained using solvents, which dissolve the flavor out of the fruit, herb, or vegetable. Green Apple flavor extracts are obtained this way, and though they can keep for long, their smell, and taste is usually compromised by the solvents. Extraction is typically to obtain flavors in large quantities, usually for commercial purposes.

Artificial flavors: Artificial/Manufactured flavors on the other hand are a composition of different flavor components. This is totally un-natural, although it might smell similar to the real fruit.

Natural flavors: Natural flavor, on the other hand, is wholesome and full bodied. Natural flavors are obtained by heating, roasting or the use of enzymes to extract the flavor from the fruits or plants. Though natural, they are meant to enhance flavor, and not necessarily contribute nutritional value.

In a nutshell, natural Green Apple flavor will have the original sweet and tangy taste, with the smell of fresh orange. Extracts, having been compromised by the solvents, will have some alterations, while artificial flavor is just a clever imitation.

Though extracted flavors are more affordable, and artificial ones outright cheap, paying slightly higher for natural flavors will ensure you get the real deal.

The Apple Flavor and CBD

Only rivaled by the orange flavor, the apple flavor is one of the most staple of all times. As cannabis and CBD users turn to more interesting ways of taking their cannabinoids, the apple flavor blends well to mask the natural, earthy, grassy smell of hemp, and cannabis. From gummies, and hard sweet, to drinks, and cocktails, the apple flavor is an all day, everyday staple.

For any manufacturer looking to rope in new users,’ infusing CBD products with strong and wholesome natural flavors is the way to go! And what better way than the apple staple? What’s more, every other cocktail since the beginning of time has a green apple as an ingredient. That tells you how well it blends in with other flavors, and ingredients. If you are looking for a place to start in the world of flavor, Green apple is an excellent choice.

Adding the green apple flavor to your CBD product will mask its natural, earthy smell, make your CBD products more appealing to more customers, including children, make taking your CBD products fun, and provide your customers with a variety.

If you are purchasing Green Apple flavor for your home use, you can use it in just about anything. From pies, to cake, drinks fondant, and smoothies, just about anything you think of can benefit from a drop of natural green apple flavor.

Reasons to Flavor CBD with Apple Flavor

Cannabis has a very distinct smell that can be picked from a long distance away. It has a dank, earthy, grassy smell that translates into CBD products, and if they have to be ingested, it can be quite an unpleasant experience.

Why take CBD in the first place?

CBD, which is the short form for cannabidiol, is one of more than a hundred phytocannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis. It is very widely studied for its benefits that are both therapeutic and curative.  CBD can help manage inflammation, pain, insomnia, anxiety, hormonal dysfunction, stress, and other disorders.

Adding Golden Gate apple flavor to CBD products is vastly beneficial. Here are some of the reasons why apple flavor is great for CBD.

  • It masks the earthy, grassy taste of hemp
  • CBD is sometimes taken by children to manage conditions such as epilepsy. Flavoring the CBD with apple flavor will make it appealing to them.
  • As a manufacturer of CBD products, you want to give your customers a range of flavor options to pick from.
  • To make taking CBD enjoyable.

What Should you Consider When Selecting Apple Flavor?

Whether you are shopping for an apple flavor for commercial use, or you just need some to use at home, there are several properties you should look out for.

We have prepared a list for you that should give you an idea about whether you are getting a quality product.

Ensure that the flavor:

  •  Uses natural apples, and is not synthetically manufactured
  • Is delicious and potent
  • Is Non GMO
  • Has GRAS certification (Generally Recognized as Safe)
  • Is delicious
  • Is Food Grade
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Does not contain solvents like ethanol, glycerin, or lactic acid
  • Does not contain sweeteners
  • Is highly concentrated
  • Is Gluten Free

 While buying the best flavor, ensure that it does not contain Hexyl Acetate, which the chemical component most found in artificial green apple flavors.

Apple Flavor for confection

 Where to get the best Green Apple flavor for your CBD

When selecting flavor for CBD, one ought to be very careful. Though a number of companies in the US exist that make flavor, only one in very few will have combinations perfect for CBD.

 What else? You have to ensure that you purchase a natural flavor that is obtained through stellar processes, and is both concentrated and of the highest quality.

 One such company is Dolce Foglia which works with in-house experts to produce the highest quality, natural flavors. Some of their flavor ranges are custom, and made specifically to mask the taste of hemp. These flavors are still made to maintain the original flavor and deliciousness of the original fruit or herb. Dolce Foglia flavors are GRAS and FEMA certified, which means they are generally safe. They are of very high potency and just a little will go a very long way.

 The Golden Gate Apple flavor from Dolce Foglia tastes natural, and has that “straight out of the farm” freshness. It is very potent, and you only need a little to infuse a whole batch of product, or home goodies. So, if you are looking for apple flavor to use for your commercial CBD products or some for home use, this flavor is perfect for you. What’s more? You can call in for a consultation, give your exact specifications, and they will deliver according to your requirements.

 The range of Dolce Foglia’s natural flavors is vast.  Whether you are looking for a fruity flavor such as banana, strawberry, blood orange, or a more “cocktail” one like Natural Cognac, or one that maintains the natural smell of cannabis like “the dankest OG flavor”, this is the one stop shop for you. You can make your order online and this world of flavor will be delivered right at your doorstep.

 Where Can Golden Gate Apple Flavor Be Used?

As we have mentioned, the apple flavor is delicious, versatile, and widely accepted. You can use Apple flavor to make the following CBD products:

  •  Apple flavored CBD Gummies
  • CBD apple flavored hard Candy
  • CBD Vape Juice 500 – 1000mg
  • CBD Cocktails

And many others.

 To wrap it up

The apple, and consequently the apple flavor, is a staple the world over. As one of the first flavors to exist, it is not going anywhere any time soon. The downward to this is that very many artificial variations exist, and you can find yourself with an unhealthy, fake version.

Always follow the guidelines we have set out for you when selecting a flavor to use, and you will never go wrong. Now that you know what to look for, do not miss out on the deliciousness of the Golden Gate Apple Flavor. Go on and order some today!



What You Must Know Before You Buy Blood Orange Flavor

What You Must Know Before You Buy Blood Orange Flavor

With the rapidly growing CBD market, taking your CBD does not have to be an unpleasant ordeal you undertake with your eyes tightly shut. The variety of flavors currently available to make your CBD enjoyable is vast, with new creations coming up every day. But what comes to your mind when you think of CBD flavor? Probably not blood orange. This is a well-kept secret that is in the family of oranges, but not in the way you are accustomed to them. As people’s pallets become more sophisticated, and the normal flavors lose their novelty, flavors like blood orange are becoming all the rage.

Let’s find out what is so captivating about this flavor for our CBD products.

What Does Blood Orange Flavor Taste Like?

If you can imagine biting into a citrusy orange that has a delicious raspberry edge, and flowery undertones, then you have gotten the flavor of blood orange down pat.

Blood Oranges get their name from their crimson flesh (does it sound appetizing at this point?). They originated from Sicily, and were once reserved for royalty. Lucky for us, they are now widely available and are reported to have grown in popularity by 16% between 2017, and 2018. The distinctive dark color of their flesh is because of the presence of anthocyanins. This form part of the family of polyphenol pigments that are common in fruit, and flowers, but are not usually found in citrus fruits.

It is a favorite among women, and is used mostly in cocktails and other beverages. A fun fact is that a Blood Orange Fanta Zero Sparkling drink is usually produced on limited edition for Halloween.

What are the Different Kinds of Blood Orange Flavor?

Flavor can either be extracted, or natural. An extracted flavor is obtained by the use of solvents, which are used to dissolve the flavor from the fruit. Blood Orange flavor extracts are obtained in this way. However, when solvents are used to extract blood orange flavor, you might find it compromises the smell, and taste, and it is no longer authentic and natural. Extraction is usually used in obtaining large quantities of flavor for commercial purposes.

Natural flavor, on the other hand, is wholesome and full bodied.

As you might have guessed by now, the main distinguishing factor between extracted, and natural flavors, is taste. Natural blood orange flavor will be sweeter, and more robust than extracted blood orange flavor.

Though extracted flavors are cheaper, you get exactly what you pay for. The slightly higher price tag on the natural blood orange flavor is so worth it. It’s the difference between being in the stadium and watching the game on TV!

Is Blood Orange Flavor Good for CBD?

Naturally, both cannabis, and hemp have a strong grassy, earthy, herbal taste. Not anything one would enjoy in their mouths. This taste has in fact put many off taking CBD, though they know that it is beneficial to them. Aren’t we so lucky then that a few ingenious individuals have taken up the challenge of making CBD so flavorful and enjoyable?  In the world of CBD, if you want to move your product, you best jump onto the flavor caravan, as not many customers would enjoy its natural taste!

The almost cocktail punch flavor of blood orange makes it perfect for infusing into CBD products. The natural grassy, unpleasant flavor of marijuana does not make for palatable ingestion, and what better way to sweeten it than with this fruity, berry, flowery scent.

Mixed into your CBD product, it masks the original scent so well that the dank flavor will be hardly discernible. This is ideal for people who are leisurely taking CBD for its benefits such as relaxation, or relief of stress, to those who take it to manage chronic conditions. Blood orange flavor makes taking CBD a treat, instead of a dose.

It also blends well with other flavors, due to its diverse combination. You will not get a more versatile flavor than this out there.

Here are some reasons why you should add blood orange flavor into your CBD products:

  1.         To mask the natural earthy taste of CBD
  2.       To give the blood orange color to CBD products, which make them very appealing
  3.       To make CBD appealing to take, especially by children
  4.       To introduce a new flavor that is attractive, especially to women
  5.       To provide a variety of products a customer can choose from
  6.       To enhance appetite due to its citrusy scent
  7.       To create variety in CBD products and give customers a range of options to choose from
  8.       Blood Orange flavor enriches the “naturalness” of CBD
  9.       To make taking CBD fun
  10.       Natural blood orange flavor retains some of its nutritional value such as vitamin C, manganese, and folate.

Where can you get the best blood orange flavor for your CBD?

Though many companies exist in the US that make flavor, very few make it to the specifications required to blend in with CBD, and are of high potency, and quality. You should also ensure that the company is FEMA GRAS certified, which means they are considered to be safe.

One such company is Dolce Foglia, who have curved out a niche manufacturing delicious, and natural flavors, for CBD, and your other use.

Their blood orange flavor is natural, and tastes like it’s right out of a blood orange fruit. It does not contain solvents, ethanol, Glycerin, or Lactic Acid. It is also both gluten-free, and sugar-free, and has no added sweeteners.

Whether you are looking for a flavor to infuse into your commercial CBD products, or you are looking for some for your home use to make CBD smoothies, recipes, and cocktails, you will have a big win trying out their products.

Dolce Foglia offers a vast range of flavors which are readily available. Their flavors are water soluble, super delicious, and highly concentrated! They also consult with you to understand your needs, and create flavors to your exact specifications. Their collections of flavors include Grape, Natural Cognac, Banana, Water Melon, Cherry, a surprising one, “the dankest of OG” flavor, among many others. This is a one stop “shop” of true delicious taste and flavor, and what’s more? You can order online. 

Where Can You Use Blood Orange CBD flavor?

Blood orange flavor is very versatile and can be used in almost any edible, from drinks to candy, and even baked goodies.

Below are some ideas of how you can use your blood orange flavor:

Blood Orange Gummies

Gummies are an awesome, simple, and delicious way of taking CBD, and even THC products. If you are a manufacturer looking for a fresh flavor for your gummies, look no further. CBD is great for invigorating you, and even dealing with some aches and pains, and gummies are a perfect, delicious way to package it.

Blood Orange Gummies are sure to be a hit, from their vibrant color, to their great, prolific smell and taste. Give it a try today!

CBD-Infused Blood Orange Gummy Candy (250mg-5000mg)

Candy is another great way to package both CBD, and even THC. Who wouldn’t want to suck on yummy candy that will leave them feeling refreshed, stress free, and even a little giddy. With time, packaging cannabis products is becoming more interesting and moving away from traditional smoking, and vaping. This is a great time to move onto the flavorful bandwagon and produce attractive products like blood orange flavored candy.

Blood Orange Flavor for confection

Dracula Blood Orange CBD Vape Juice 500 – 1000mg

What sounds better than a flavor packed vape juice with added benefits? It is definitely an interesting, fun way to take your CBD!

Now, imagine it in the flavor of blood orange. Absolutely delicious!

When making your vape juice, ensure to get the concentration right. You can consult with Dolce Foglia abut the correct ratio, and whether other infused flavors can be included, such as mint, to make your juice all the more pleasurable.

Blood Orange cocktail

As we have mentioned before, blood orange flavor is perfect for cocktails. It is one of the unique flavors that can be mixed with almost any other, and still maintain its integrity, and deliciousness. So do not hesitate to purchase some Dracula Blood Orange flavor to help you fix that CBD cocktail that will pick you up after a long, hard day at work.

To help you along, here’s a recipe you can use:

Preparation time: 10 minutes


  •       1 lemon
  •       1 apple
  •       1 orange
  •       1 lime
  •       ½ cup orange juice
  •       1 cup cranberry juice
  •       3 cups of red grape juice (or wine)
  •       2 cups seltzer
  •       1 dropper Dolce Foglia’s Dracula Blood Orange flavor
  •       Ice


  1.     Cut the apple into chunks, and slice the citrus fruits into wheels.
  2.   Put all the ingredients into a pitcher, mix well, and serve cold.

In conclusion

Blood orange flavor is as delicious, unique, and versatile a flavor as they come. It can be used in both commercial products like gummies, candy, truffles, and bottled drinks, but is also appropriate for baked goods like cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, and fudge. And we will not have done this sophisticated flavor justice if we don’t mention CBD cocktails and CBD.

And you know what’s the most amazing this about it, its color. You cannot have a blood orange product without feeling invigorated. So go on, order your first bottle of Dracula Blood Orange flavor today!



Orange Creamsicle flavor for CBD/THC Gummies

Orange Creamsicle flavor for CBD/THC Gummies

Gummies or other edibles can be an easy, tasty, and discreet way of ingesting both THC, and CBD.  As preference for gummies and other edibles becomes widespread, ingenious tastes and flavors have been infused into them to make the experience an enjoyable one; akin to having your favorite candy.

If you have not yet tasted Orange Creamsicle Flavored gummies, you have no idea what you are missing out on. These fully-infused delicious gummies immediately melt in your mouth to deliver a great explosion of flavor. They also allow for quick sublingual absorption, which brings on the effects quite speedily. Could you ask for more?

Join us as we introduce you to this electrifying world of flavor that is infused cannabis gummies.

Why take flavored gummies?

You are not likely to come upon a more convenient, and fun way to take your CBD or THC than gummies. Not only are they enjoyable to chew, and come in interesting shapes, they are also easy to dose, discreet, portable and, wait for it…. Tasty!

If you are a first time user looking for a method to slowly ease your way into the world of cannabis, this is definitely a great place to start. Your gummies could come in hand in giving you that recreational high, quelling anxiety, helping you resolve insomnia, as well as other great benefits.

Though most gummies are yummy, not all are created equal. The Orange Creamsicle flavored gummy is sure to give you a great experience in taste and enjoyment.

Orange Creamsicle Flavor for confection

Why is Orange Creamsicle absolutely delightful?

We all know that the natural dank, earthy flavor of cannabis can be quite strong, and not quite ideal for sucking, or chewing. That is why we. at Dolce Foglia. have come up with a flavorful range of cannabis flavors that will have you enjoying your experience, and coming back for more.

Orange creamsicle is a classic flavor of sweetness that brings to mind childhood ice cream treats.

Do you want to know an interesting fun fact?

The original Orange Creamsicle, which was initially an ice-cream flavor, was invented by Frank Eppperson in 1905. He managed to successfully pull off enclosing vanilla ice cream on a stick with a coat of frozen orange fruit juice. He named his invention the “Epsicle”, which evolved into “popsicle”, “creamsicle”, and later even “dreamsicle”. He was only 11 years old.

Who wouldn’t want that yumminess in their gummy? The delightful blend of vanilla ice cream mixed with orange sherbet is both refreshing and delicious. Whether you are taking your gummy for that classic THC high, or for the CBD goodness, Orange Creamsicle flavor is sure to hit your sweet spot!

How to determine the best quality CBD gummies

Because cannabis is still in the process of getting legalized, and FDA is yet to approve CBD, and THC products, it is very important that you ensure you are purchasing a product of the highest quality.

The criteria you should look out for when selecting the best flavor infused gummy for yourself is quality, safety, and transparency. You should ensure that the product is manufactured by a company who show proof of “third-party testing” done by a lab that is ISO 17025-compliant, and uses U.S grown cannabis that meets the required standards according to the certificate of analysis (COA).

It should also pass the tests for molds, pesticides, and heavy metals according to the COA.

You should also consider:

  • The company’s manufacturing processes, and certifications
  • How original, and natural the flavor is
  • If the flavor is FEMA GRAS certified
  • The potency of the gummies
  • The overall ingredients used
  • Trust, and brand reputation indicators such as customer reviews
  • Any warning letter the company has gotten from FDA

Which is the best Orange creamsicle flavored CBD gummies?

Though the concept of flavored gummies is not new, finding some that are so naturally flavored, you feel like you are actually suckling on a piece of orange creamsicle ice cream is rare.

The Orange creamsicle flavored gummies from Dolce Foglia are fun, tasty, and easy to chew. They will give you a natural energy boost that will also enhance your mental alertness.

The orange flavored gummies from Dolce Foglia also come infused with an amalgam of both L-Theanine, and B Vitamins.

Some of its other benefits are: 

  •       It promotes a sense of calm and well being
  •       Relieve pain
  •       It reduces anxiety
  •       It reduces inflammation
  •       Enhances easier sleep

These family owned, handmade orange creamsicle gummies are produced in Los Angeles, California. They contain no additives, and are made from edible oil. They are also produced in GMP approved facilities, and have no impurities.

Research indicates that the orange also plays a part in improving various aspects of mood, as well as anxiety reduction.  The added L-theanine is an amino acid which may promote relaxation devoid of drowsiness.

Natural fruit juices provide the flavor found in these delicious gummies, to a large part, and they contain 10 mg full-spectrum CBD. If you are just starting out, two gummies a day should be a good start, though you can work your way up as necessary.

What are The CBD Variations used in gummies?

In understanding gummies, it is important to be familiar with the three main CBD variations used. They are:

Full-spectrum CBD: This is the kind of CBD that contains all the phytochemicals that are naturally occur in the cannabis plant. This includes terpenes, various other cannabinoids, and oils. This means it may also include trace amounts of THC, which is the “psychoactive compound in marijuana” which produces the “high” effect.

Broad-spectrum CBD: Though this CBD contains all the phytochemicals which are typically found in the cannabis plant, it contains no THC.

CBD isolate: This is CBD in its purest form.

It is important to clearly read the label on your gummy product. However, due to lack of regulation, one might end up with a product that contains compounds they did not anticipate, and its best to always be on the lookout.

Benefits of CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies have several benefits. These include:

CBD gummies for pain: CBD may reduce the sensation of pain in the body, which may include neuropathic pain. CBD may also limit inflammation, which also plays a part in some types of aches. Research has shown that, when it comes to the relief of pain and swelling, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD act more effectively than CBD isolate.

Relieve stress, and improve sleep – The hemp oil found in gummies can improve your mood, calm your mind, and relax your body. Because it supports stress and insomnia relief, it can both help you fall asleep faster, and ensure you have quality, all night sleep.

CBD gummies for anxiety: CBD also has anti-anxiety effects. This is possibly because its effects alter the response of the brain to serotonin, a chemical found in the brain.

CBD gummies for depression: Several studies have indicated that CBD can act as an antidepressant. For these, nighttime Gummies may greatly help as they also have sedative qualities. Sleep deprivation is often a hallmark of depression.

What about Orange Creamsicle Flavored THC Gummies?

Though gummies were initially the preserve of CBD, THC gummies are quickly increasing in popularity, as they should. With flavours such as the awesome Orange Creamsicle, this is a delicacy that’s here to stay. THC gummies are sweet treats with an incredible twist. Many of the THC-infused gummies in the market only contain 10 milligrams, which is a great place to start but can easily be notched up.

Not only are Orange Creamsicle flavored THC gummies delicious tasting, they are also discreet, not messy, and easily available. They come in different shapes, textures, and flavors and can make your cannabis consumption a pure delight!

When choosing your THC-infused Orange Creamsicle flavored gummies, also consider: 

The ratio of THC to CBD: Having slight doses of CBD in your THC-infused gummy will significantly enhance your THC high.

Added Terpenes: Terpenes , which are organic compounds found in cannabis which are responsible for its smell and taste, will amplify your high as they speed up THC’s absorption into your bloodstream. They also have other positive effects like pain control and appetite stimulation.

Use of full spectrum cannabis oil: Using full-spectrum cannabis oils in your gummies is also sure to add to its character, and experience.


Gummies are a discreet and easy way to take your CBD for anxiety, pain relief, depression, or other conditions, or THC, for that “not so obvious” high. The fact that your gummies now come in exciting flavors is just a treat like no other. Orange Creamsicle flavored gummies are a sure delight, and are great for both beginners, and hard core cannabis enthusiasts.

If you are new to cannabis, you can start with a dose as low as 5 mg, which you can gradually increase to the level that suits you best.

While selecting your gummy of choice, remember to choose some from reliable companies which not only list all their ingredients, but also use high standards of production. So go on, sample this taste bud shattering treat, and I assure you, you will be stuck on it!



Everything You Need to Know About Watermelon Flavor

Everything You Need to Know About Watermelon Flavor

With the rising number of CBD users, there comes on board people with a variety of preferences. Flavoring CBD with various fruit flavors has become the new norm in the industry. From banana, apple to the strawberry flavor. Do you love watermelon? If so, you are one among many. 

At Dolce Foglia, we have mastered the art of blending the incredibly refreshing flavor of watermelon with cannabis.

Before you rush for that watermelon flavored CBD, you need to understand that there are two types of watermelon flavor:

Watermelon flavor:

This is the flavor that has been taken from the natural fruit itself. It’s the best of them all. In other terms, it is just like getting the natural watermelon fruit juice and blending it with your CBD. It retains the sweetness of the fruit.

Extracted watermelon flavor

They are referred to as extracts. This type of flavor is made by using a solvent to extract flavor from watermelon fruit. The use of solvents often compromises the natural taste and smell of watermelon. However, this method is employed to help produce flavors in large quantities for commercial purposes.

The difference between Natural and extracted flavors

The distinguishing element is the taste. As expected, the natural flavor will be sweeter and much tastier than the extract. However, separating the two may be quite difficult for beginners. It may also be a challenge if the flavor is not blended in good proportion. 

It is good for you to understand the difference so that you get exactly what you paid for. Extracts tend to be cheaper than natural flavors.

The best way is to try the two flavors practically so that you can appreciate the difference. 

Is watermelon flavor good for CBD?

The main purpose of flavoring CBD is to suppress its natural grassy taste and inject a fruity taste. Watermelon flavor is one of the best fruit flavors you can fuse to flavor CBD. It presents a mild fruity taste while offering you the opportunity to still feel the CBD test. A well-blending flavor should not kill the CBD taste but just suppress it.

Watermelon is a versatile flavor which can blend well with other flavors such as mango or passion to create a tropical flavor. This is because it is mild and adaptable. Not many flavors can be blended this easily with other flavors.

Here are some of the Watermelon flavor CBD products:

Watermelon Slice Gummies

This is an outstanding way of taking your CBD. The delicious and chewy watermelon slices blended with CBD gives you a sweet and infused nibble. It is just like taking a bite of the natural watermelon. You will only notice that you are taking CBD when the “invigorating” feeling sets in.

Therefore, you need to be careful not to get lost in the sweetness of the flavor and take far too much CBD as this may have consequences.

Seek advice from the vendor to know the exact percentage of CBD in every slice.

It is formulated to give you overall wellness and a sense of calm. It has also been used to deal with anxiety, depression, stress, inflation and sleep disorders.

Kangaroo CBD-Infused Watermelon Gummy Candy (250mg-5000mg)

This is one of the most popular watermelon-flavored CBD products in the market. It is formulated with natural ingredients and it is gluten-free. It is recommended for balancing general body energy and it promotes wellness. 

It contains a blended formula of both natural watermelon and organic CBD. With this CBD product, consumers do not need to be worried about psychoactivity. It is recommended that you don’t take more than 3 gummies every 6 hours.

Wild Watermelon CBD Vape Juice 500 – 1000mg

Here is a juicy way of taking CBD. Wild Watermelon CBD Vape Juice makes you relive the memories of taking that sweet watermelon bite on a hot summer day. It captures all the feelings you get when you bite watermelon. This juice is well blended in a perfect ratio to make sure you get enough of both the flavor and CBD.  

Get the concentration right. Companies have now perfected the PG to VG ratio to make sure the flavorful watermelon does not go to waste. Always ask the seller for information about this ratio and other infused ingredients.Some may be infused with a mint sensation for extra pleasure.

Watermelon cocktail

Watermelon can blend very well with other fruit flavors to give you a wonderful experience.

It is one of the rare flavors that can be mixed easily with different  flavors without altering the taste.

Here is a gift to you from us; get to know how you can prepare your own watermelon CBD flavored cocktail at home in 15minutes. 

How to Make Watermelon CBD Cocktail

When summer comes blazing and you need a cool way of taking your CBD, a watermelon cocktail could be your best bet. There is no better way of sipping your way into the high feeling than this. Being a water-soluble flavor, it can accommodate many other flavors to give you the ideal cocktail for the moment.

Preparation Time:10 min.

Cook Time:5 min.

Total Time Taken:15 min.


Here is what you need to have,

8 cups of fresh watermelon flesh, without seeds. It should be cut into chunks

1/4 of cucumber. It should be peeled and cut into chunks.

2 cups of fresh lemon juice. You can also have an additional sliced lemon for garnishing.

1/2 cup packed mint leaves. You can have extra mint for garnishing.

2-3 tablespoons of agave syrup


Step by step:

Step 1: put your cucumber, lemon juice, mint agave and watermelon chunks into the blender. Switch on the blender and allow the cocktail to puree until it is smooth.

Step 2: Strain the cocktail through a pitcher to remove the leaves and pulp

Step 3: Add one to two squeezes of CBD concentrates. Since this is for 3-4 serving, make sure to know the quantity of CBD to add. Never hesitate to ask experts if you are not sure.

Step 4: Add ice and the lemon slices. A sprig of mint can now be used to garnish the glasses and serve.

Sit on your rocking chair, cheers and chill

Where to Buy Watermelon Flavor for CBD

There are tens of CBD flavor manufacturing companies worldwide. This is a good thing but with it comes the challenge of selecting the best company to buy from. Fortunately, sites like eBay and Amazon have a systematic presentation of most of the companies and their products. This has made online shopping to be the most preferred method of buying CBD flavors.

You get a chance to compare different companies, their products, delivery time, quantity and prices.

However, you can also visit the website of a company well known to you and make a direct purchase without going through Amazon or eBay. Reputable companies like Dolce Foglia have an easy to navigate website with elaborate information about the available products.

The Dolce Foglia Wadda Watermelon Flavor is a high quality oil-soluble flavor that contains MCT oil. It is manufactured in the US and meets the FEMA GRAS threshold for safety and quality. 

Do you wish to buy watermelon flavor for CBD? You can easily do that online and have the product shipped to you within 1-3 working days. 

Online shopping is not for everyone. Some shoppers prefer walking into a store.  If you fall into this category, then consider searching for cannabis stores around your neighbourhood. You can also find this flavor in groceries stores.

Watermelon CBD flavor is versatile

This conversation could not end without emphasizing on this point. Watermelon gives you unmatched freedom to make a variety of cocktails than any other flavors.

We all love a product that offers such freedom. Don’t we?

Don’t wait for summer, you can try it now!

Stone yourself the melon way.  















How To Buy The Best Pineapple Flavor For CBD Products

How To Buy The Best Pineapple Flavor For CBD Products

Whether you are a consumer of or CBD business owner you might find yourself wondering how to buy the very best pineapple flavor for CBD products. This is because not all pineapple flavors for CBD are created equal. Consequently, it is important to know how to find the best of all. And thankfully, you don’t need to scour the web trying to find it, we have already done the hard work for you.

Let’s get started!

Among the many CBD flavors in the market, today, is the Pineapple flavor, which has a delicious aftertaste. According to CBD experts, pineapple flavor is a taste sensation. And unlike any other, you may start wondering if the pineapple godmother just shattered your taste buds with a flavor wand. Hence, many CBD companies are betting their chances on this flavor. 

Nonetheless, whether you are a CBD consumer or a CBD business looking to flavor CBD, you may want to find out more about this peculiar fruit flavor.

A Dive into What Pineapple Flavor Is

The pineapple flavor is one of the most versatile flavors that has several applications. The flavor leaves you with the taste of fresh pineapples in your mouth. Apart from CBD, it can also be used to flavor other foods and beverages. The most popular applications are in meats, especially ham, fruit drinks, and fruit salads. There are many pineapple cocktails, but the flavor tends to work best with brandy, orange liqueurs, and rum. 

The baking industry also uses this flavor in combination with other flavors. To spice up different pastries. It is a perfect addition to dry mixes such as protein mixes, waffles, pancakes, beverages, muffins, and meal replacers. The most amazing thing is that pineapple-flavored CBD is acceptable across all age groups. 

How do you Buy Pineapple Flavor for CBD? 

Buying the wrong flavor for CBD may have serious repercussions. For example, imagine a scenario where your pineapple flavor tastes like strawberry flavor or vanilla flavor. This can do a great deal of damage to your brand. This will amount to a loss of money, reputation, and clientele eventually. 

 The most important thing is to ensure that you source your pineapple flavor from reputable sources. Well established manufacturers such as Dolce Foglia stock pineapple flavor as well as other flavors. This flavor may also be found in Walmart stores and online shops such as Amazon and eBay. 

The price of a product is the most obvious thing to consider before making any purchase. Nonetheless, there is a need to throw in some additional caution when buying pineapple flavor for CBD. The considerations to keep in mind include: –

  • Is the CBD full spectrum or isolate?
  • Does the flavor qualify as a GRAS substance under the FDA’s guidelines? 
  • Is the flavor non-GMO verified, kosher, and certified gluten-free?
  • If it is an online purchase what does the shipping and refund policy say in case you need to return the product? 
  • Does the flavor meet the food-grade standards? 
  • What do the reviews say about the flavor? 

What are The Most Common Pineapple Flavored CBD Products in the Market?

Pineapple blends well with almost every other flavor, thankfully. Manufacturers of CBD products are using this fruity flavor to mask the earthy taste of CBD. Since pineapple flavor has a  child-like feel to it, it goes well with CBD gummies and candies.

Nature’s Best Pineapple flavored gummies

Pineapple flavored gummies are tasty, fun and easy to chew. They offer a natural boost of energy to help boost mental alertness. They are also infused with a blend of B Vitamins & L-Theanine. Some other benefits include: 

  • Promotes a calm sense of well – being
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Enhances easier sleep
  • They can be used by all age groups

Flaming Joe, a pineapple fusion flavor

The spicy jalapeño pineapple CBD-Infused Beverage is one of the best-selling beverages in America. The bold flavor contains 25mg of CBD, derived from 125mg of broad-spectrum hemp, B-vitamins, electrolytes, and plant extracts. It is incredibly unique because it can be ordered online, and does not contain sugar or artificial ingredients. It is incredible how you can get such a wholesome experience from 25mg of CBD. 

Pineapple Pepsi

The pineapple-flavored Pepsi is a simple soda that was recently spotted in Walmart. It is perhaps one of the latest CBD infused summer drinks. With its bold and refreshing look of the sleek slim cans, pineapple Pepsi could be the perfect drink to serve at your next party or gathering. 

Pineapple hemp flavored cigarettes

The cigarettes are made purely from hemp, which is legally grown in the United States. They offer increased bioavailability of CBD which makes them economical. These cigs do not contain nicotine or tobacco. 

Hempette has a minimum of 75mg of CBD, and each pack of Hempettes contains 1000+mg of CBD. Every tightly rolled CBD cigarette comes in with so many cannabinoids and pineapple terpenes. Some of the known benefits of CBD cigarettes include:

  • They’re all-natural and fully organic
  • CBD cigarettes can be used to users quit smoking tobacco
  • They provide a sense of calmness and can also act as a sleep regulator
  • Are easy to order online
  • They provide an authentic smoking experience without any of the headaches that are associated with a vaporizer 

Learn About Pineapple Essence Vs. Pineapple Extract

More often than not, the two tend to sound similar because they are both flavoring ingredients. They are both used in a couple of recipes to give them an aroma of the original ingredient. Nonetheless, they have one very distinct difference in terms of their formulation. 

An extract is a substance separated or obtained “from a mixture by pressure, distillation, or treatment with solvents. It is made by combining oil from the ingredient with alcohol to make a long-lasting flavoring agent. Alcohol is usually added as a binding agent to preserve the flavor’s strength. 

Essence, on the other hand, is a highly concentrated form of pure extract or an imitation extract. Concentrated essences are very strong compared to the normal extracts. Imitation essences do not necessarily have the delicacy of the natural flavor because they are a replica of the original ingredient. Nonetheless, they provide a close and enough alternative when the extracts are too expensive or are not easily available. 

 The pineapple essence is a great way of sweetening dishes and primarily cakes, cookies, frosting ice-creams, and chocolates. It is 100% natural and alcohol-free, long-lasting, and maybe one of the best fragrances.              

Pineapple essence can be used in dozens of recipes, including pineapple yogurt ice-cream, pineapple squash, eggless pineapple upside-down cake, pineapple mouse, pineapple cupcakes, pineapple parfait alongside others. 

 Of importance is to confirm from the bottle whether the pineapple flavor that you are purchasing is an extract or an essence. 

Benefits of pineapple essences and extracts

  • Pineapple extract enhances the pineapple flavor in your recipes giving them that flavor of fresh, ripe pineapple. It contains bromelain, a special protease tenderizer, which works wonders on tough meat. It also breaks down the gluten needed doughs and batters. 
  • The antioxidants and the vitamin C present in pineapple extract give the skin a youthful look, hence preventing the formation of wrinkles. You can try the DIY pineapple extract facial. Also, the same antioxidants aid in fighting free radicals in the body, which are brought about by oxidative stress
  • Pineapple extract contains beta carotene along with other nutrients and could be applicable in improving eye health.
  • Natural pineapple flavor offers  very high levels of manganese, which is used to promote strong and healthy bones in addition to connective tissues. 

Where to Buy Pineapple Flavor for CBD 

CBD does not have to be boring. As a consumer, you have the right to access high-quality products from reputable manufacturers, retailers, or wholesalers. As a result of the increasing demand for CBD, it is easy to fall into the hands of unscrupulous sellers. 

While it is not easy to make an informed decision when buying CBD products you can use any of the following brands. They also offer top-of-the-range flavoring options for cannabis and hemp.

Joy Organics

Through innovation, excellence, and service match, the company develops premium CBD products. Some of its typical flavors include pineapple, summer lemon, tranquil mint, and orange bliss tested, both in-house and independently.


Every Kanibi product is crafted and redefined with care to ensure they meet and keep the highest standards of science and perfectionism. Their top flavors include pineapple, lemon-lime and choco mint.

Balanced CBD

The company offers a range of delicate and mouth-watering flavors. Pineapple, strawberry and citrus being among the most common. They are free from GMOs, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. 

Lazarus Naturals

This company offers pineapple, tropical breeze, blood orange, wintermint and other enticing CBD flavors. 

Dolce Foglia, a US-based flavor manufacturer, does not take chances when creating best flavors for CBD. Over the years, the flavoring house has built a reputation for creating bold and irresistible CBD flavors. 

The pineapple favor for CBD is readily available on the company’s website. You do not have to worry about its authenticity or quality. The products are made from 100% natural ingredients. This means they are free from Ethanol, Lactic Acid, Glycerin, or solvents of any kind. They also do not contain vegetable oils or any artificial sweeteners. Through concierge alliance with consumers, Dolce Foglia works with clients to create flavors, to suit their unique needs. 







Buy Golden Apple Flavor For CBD (Why It Is The Best Flavor for 2021)

Buy Golden Apple Flavor For CBD (Why It Is The Best Flavor for 2021)

Why should you buy golden apple flavor for CBD? If anything, it is among the most ancient of flavors that has survived the turn of the century, as well as many other things. 

You are about to learn below why age is golden because the golden apple flavor has lots to offer to the CBD world. 

Let’s dive in!

Blending natural CBD products with a range of fruit flavors has proven to be the best way to “sweeten” CBD and make it more refreshing to consumers. For starters, natural CBD is not the most appealing flavor that there is out there. The taste has been described as earthy, herbal, and in extreme cases, skunk-like flavor. Clearly, this can be a put-off to many would-be CBD consumers. Thus, associating CBD products with your favorite fruit is bound to offer extra pleasure and satisfaction.

Literally, we are now taking CBD with fruits and “golden” apples are included in the mix.

Golden apple flavor for CBD is our best pick for 2021. Apples are loved by literally everyone. Consequently, golden apple flavor will appeal to a broad clientele. This flavor is also associated with authenticity, simplicity, and class. 

Our highly concentrated multipurpose apple flavor for CBD has been excellently created to give you the much desired apple-like tart undertone taste. It can be delicately balanced with a wide range of CBD products to give you just enough of both the flavor and the CBD. This is a premium blend.

Both natural and generic flavors mask the grassy taste in natural CBD. We might not say it better than your tongue will affirm. This is a classic flavor that is worth trying. 

The golden Apple flavor for CBD will offer you a restorative effect. It is the best option to break from the common fruit flavors already in the market. It can be blended in cookies, cakes, brownies, smoothies and can also work well when infused in chocolates. The real fruit and extracts apple flavor contain ingredients which have mood elevating and immune associated effects.

 5 Reasons Why Dolce Foglia Golden Apple Flavor for CBD is Preferred

  • Our golden apple flavor for CBD offers you an easy way to infuse amazing taste in your daily CBD routine. You can use it orally or with your vaporizer.
  • Our golden apple flavor does not leave you with undesirable sensation because does not contain lactic acid or ethanol
  • Our highly concentrated sugar and gluten-free flavor does not have vegetable oil and is water soluble. This makes it usable in a wide range of CBD products.
  • Our distinguished golden apple flavor neutralizes the grassy, unpleasant taste found in natural CBD.
  • It is amazingly smooth and does not clump. It also has the FEMA GRAS safety badge.

Sit back and enjoy the mood elevating sensation of CBD with this crisps golden apple flavor from one of the finest flavor manufacturers in the market.

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Golden Apple Flavor

Like any other product, you need to know exactly what to look for when you step out looking for apple flavor for your CBD. Here are some of the most important considerations:

Is it Natural or Essence flavor?

When choosing apple flavor for CBD, it is important to know the difference between natural apple flavor and essence. Not many users can distinguish the two and that heralds the genesis of selection problems.

Natural golden apple flavor is extracted from real apple fruit with minimal processing done to it. This makes it retain the natural apple flavor. Unfortunately, this flavor does not keep for a long time. It may also be called an extract.

Essence flavor is the most common in the market. It is a product of a multiple distillation process and it mimics the natural apple flavor. If it is not well blended it may have a tarty taste. Essence is produced in large quantities to meet the commercial needs in the industry. Because it is mass produced and no real apples are involved, it is generally cheaper than the extract; experienced users may be able to tell the difference with a single taste.However, this does not mean that essence is inferior; the ingredients and process used here is what matters. Always ask your vendor to clarify to you which type of flavor you are buying.

Does It Come From a Reputable Manufacturer?

Whether you are buying natural or essence golden apple flavor, you need to know the history of the manufacturer. It is always recommended that you go for reputable flavor dealers that will deliver on quality and safety.

Dolce Foglia is a one of the top brands that manufacture premium quality golden apple flavor for CBD in the market. Our flavors are certified as food grade. This is a crucial factor to look for as you shop for golden apple flavor for CBD. It gives you a sense of security.

Is it water Soluble?

Water soluble apple flavor is the best way to go. This will allow you to blend the flavor with many beverages. Dolce Foglia golden apple flavor is water soluble and does not have vegetable oil in it.It is ideal for CBD-infused hard candy, truffles, cookies, brownies, smoothies, etc. and is also appropriate for use in chocolates or coatings.

How Was it Made?

To get the best golden apple flavor, you need to find one that has no added sugar. This keeps everything as natural as possible. The manufacturing process should not involve adding sweeteners. It should not have other solvents like glycerine and lactic acid.

Dolce Foglia offers a sugar and gluten free golden apple flavor which maintains the natural apple flavor in the best way possible. 

Range of Products?

You should look for a flavor that can be used with a wide range of CBD products. It should be appropriate for a wide range of CBD products. Dolce Foglia golden apple flavor for CBD does all this and can also be used in a variety of CBD.

Where to Buy Golden Apple Flavor For CBD 

Currently, online stores are king of the industry and most CBD flavor purchases are made online. That is the trend. Fortunately, CBD flavor vendors have gotten with the trend and now offer most of their products online. They offer you the opportunity to view and compare prices for different vendors along with their terms and conditions. eBay and amazon are the popular market places you can visit.

Beware, not all you see online is as genuine as it seems. Dealing with a reputable vendor is therefore critical.

Dolce Foglia golden apple flavor for CBD can be found on their easy-to use website. Visit our website and browse through the available range of flavors.

Apart from flavor manufacturing company websites, you can also get this flavor from grocery stores. Some conservative buyers find satisfaction in buying the flavors physically. Some vendors may have walk-in stores to meet this need.Having a walk-in store near you may also help you get better customer care services. It gives you a chance to easily see what is available and further saves you the shipping cost and time. 

Apple Flavor for confection

How to Choose the Best Golden Apple Flavor for CBD company

Whether you buy in a walk-in store or online, you need to put the vendors on a scale. Here are 5 critical points to think about before settling for a particular company.

  1. What others say

This is the most sensitive observation. Go through the reviews of the previous customers to see what they say. It  gives you a clue of what to expect. Customer reviews are a always a good indication of what to expect.

  1. Expertise and customer care.

Try to see if the company is working with professionals in the field. This assures you of quality products. Customer care is another critical component. Look at how they react to customers’ concerns. It should be satisfying.

  1. Ingredients

Try to know the source of the ingredients used in the flavor. They should also be natural and Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

  1. Company’s History

Choosing a company with a great history of manufacturing flavors for CBD is one thing you should consider. Some companies even offer you the options of creating your custom flavor.

  1. Packaging

Packaging of the flavor is yet another crucial aspect. Check the quality of the packaging material and go through the quantities packed. For at home use, you may need a company that has small quantity packages. 

Dolce Foglia is an outstanding flavor manufacturing company that delivers all these in an amazing way. Having a background check on the company will help you land the best deal possible.

To wrap this up, there are several benefits of flavoring your CBD products with Golden Apple Flavor. This flavor has stuck around for a while for a number of good reasons. It is acceptable across different age groups, it is versatile, natural, and sweet. However, ensure that you always source this flavor from the best source and ensure that it meets the threshold for quality.